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Posted: May 28, 2018 02:51 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
FYI: I'm using altehros's betrayal tags.
I'm making chest plate armor permutations for all h3/hr elite ranks. I'm also adding 3 new elite ranks; elite general, elite field marshal and elite honor guard(hr elite armor models for general and marshal. Spv3 elite honor guard armor for elite hg) In h2 and hr brutes have helmets you have to shoot off, I'm adding the same concept to grunts. All grunt ranks other than minors will have armored faceplates and helmets you have to shoot off.

With all these cool things I'm trying to make, I only know how to modify meshes and move them around. So, would anyone mind giving a tutorial? Knowing how to make armor permutations and armor you shoot off would literally solve all of my problems.

Here look

various chest plate armor permutations for elites
new elite general, marshal and hg
grunt helmets and faceplates you shoot off(hr grunt ultra helmet and grunt heavy faceplate)
new grunt zealot rank, with shields and a helmet(Just a yellow or purple hr grunt major with a hr ultra helmet)
new jackal zealot, spec ops and ultra rank(zealot is a hr jackal major with a hr sniper helmet. specops - same thing but different color and a purple glowing eye. Ultras - different color. zealots have energy shields, a jackal shield and a helmet. Spec ops and ultras just have helmets)
skirmishers with h2 jackal animations
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