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Posted: Jun 17, 2018 09:24 AM    Msg. 1 of 8       
Is this place slowly dying? Recent posts is showing up to month old posts on the second page. Are there any other hubs for CE? discords?
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This site brings me pain.

Posted: Jun 17, 2018 12:36 PM    Msg. 2 of 8       
Discord killed the Halomaps.

SBB subscriber discord. Has a semi active modding chat. There also is CE gamenights once in a while, usually on Fridays (But, not all Fridays).

https://opencarnage.net/ discord. The modding chat is pretty much exclusively halo. I think you might need an opencarnage account though (OpenCarnage is kind of better than Halomaps anyways)

PopeTX28's discord. Shows the progress of all his projects, and there is frequent talk about bsp modelling and other people's projects.

Chimera discord. A discord specific to the chimera mod for halo ce (the one that does animation interpolation (60fps and higher animations). Not a lot of talk specific to the editing kit here. But it's useful to keep up with this mod as it has a lot of really useful features.

That's all the ones I am in that are public and active. (I'm not in a lot of discord servers though, so what do I know.)

By the way, don't fall for sparky's discord. It's not about Halo, even if it seems like it is at first.

Joined: Jun 17, 2018


Posted: Jun 17, 2018 05:30 PM    Msg. 3 of 8       
Thanks a bunch! I can't say i'm sad to hear it considering every time i've returned it's only been a few things to note of from the "active" members. The site hasnt changed since i joined back in 2010, it's still slow, buggy and filled with useless stuff.

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Posted: Jun 17, 2018 09:26 PM    Msg. 4 of 8       
Dratt and Jesse also have a small discord related to the various mini projects that exist https://discord.gg/nkZTv4J

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Discordapp: SomeFan#0171

Posted: Jun 21, 2018 01:58 AM    Msg. 5 of 8       
Quote: --- Original message by: Pantsu

Is this place slowly dying?


SBB_Michelle: nice descriptions on those Guilds(servers), here is my list with every one i could find. http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=50594

R93_Sniper; try using the URL BBcode

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When in Doubt, RUN!

Posted: Jun 22, 2018 01:00 PM    Msg. 6 of 8       
was on phone, got lazy

Bungie LLC
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Posted: Jun 22, 2018 05:17 PM    Msg. 7 of 8       
@Waffles sent a friend request your way on discord the other day after seeing you pop up in the chimera group

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Posted: Jun 23, 2018 04:06 AM    Msg. 8 of 8       
i miss xfire


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