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Author Topic: At it again... A10 bsps edits... Progress but yet another issues... (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Posted: Jun 18, 2018 04:59 AM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Well after I figured out how to do things properly in 3DS MAX and create successful scenery models, I decided to go back to editing bsps and hoping I'd make a break through. So far I had fixed triangles and materials blablabla and followed 2hours worth of tutorials and got to the final stage.

Its just too bad there are no tutorials on interior/campaign mission bsp edits. I perfected everything (finally) but no matter what I do, weld, create new shapes, bridge edges or import portals, the edges around my doorways (see the 1st a10 bsp for reference) continue to remain as open edges.

Ideas? I guess I missed something dumb and small again? Can some professional whip up a quick interior bsp edit tutorial like Flanker's epic HEK BSP Extraction And Modification Tutorial? I've been at it all week and like a rage-inducing video game, I've never raged at a computer screen before, yet alone something that's not a video game, therefore I think its time to ask for... HELP!

EDIT: Nothing? There are no tutorials covering this. Just multiplayer edits, exterior edits and scratch creations. Just need a simple campaign edit and or include the indoor element of it.
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