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Posted: Jul 29, 2018 03:57 PM    Msg. 1 of 5       
Hi guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible to surpass the squad limit of 1024? I am trying to add some Marines to follow me around in b40, but I can't continue half way threw due to the squad limit.

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Posted: Jul 29, 2018 07:45 PM    Msg. 2 of 5       
Quote: --- Original message by: paddy369
Hi guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible to surpass the squad limit of 1024? I am trying to add some Marines to follow me around in b40, but I can't continue half way threw due to the squad limit.

With OpenSauce You can have up to 8192 squads AFAIK. You can have 127 encounters, each one containing up to 64 squads.

Also, you can get creative with the squads if you do them properly. For example, my mod Fall of Mombasa contains only one legitimate encounter, that is then transferred into blank encounters throughout the map that have the proper firing positions.

So maybe you can't spawn the next A.I. squad you want in the same encounter as the one it belongs in, but maybe there's another encounter with an available squad slot. Place a new squad in that encounter, put their spawns next to where they should actually be placed and then after spawning them use (ai_migrate) to move them from the encounter they spawned in to the encounter who's firing positions and other data they need. So you can piggyback an encounter that's closer to empty and transfer them to the one they need to use.

Also, it's very important to learn that instead of saying


you can say


which will only place the squad you named. You can do that for any command that requires an AI encounter to be passed, such as (ai_kill) or (vehicle_load_magic)

But, if you want me to suggest a cheat code, you can get really creative. Inside each of the covenant encounters on B40, add another squad called marines. Make SURE that you set the default team to DEFAULT BY UNIT for EACH covenant encounter. Now, use the above command setup to transfer your marines from the original encounter into the special squad.

For example, if your encounter was my_marines and the original covenant encounters were called first_covenant, second_covenant etc. then it would look like;

(ai_migrate my_marines first_covenant/marines)
(sleep_until (= true (volume_test_objects TRIGGER_VOLUME (players))) 5)
(ai_migrate first_covenant/marines second_covenant/marines)

Because the encounter is set to default by unit, the team is determined by the unit's team index in the tag itself. And since they share the same firing positions as the next covenant encounter you won't have to setup new squads for that area. Now if you need to add squads for the sections in between major covenant encounters, you can add additional squads to my_marines

(ai_migrate my_marines first_covenant/marines)
(sleep_until (= true (volume_test_objects TRIGGER_VOLUME_1 (players))) 5)
(ai_migrate first_covenant/marines my_marines/SQUAD_2)
(sleep_until (= true (volume_test_objects TRIGGER_VOLUME_2 (players))) 5)
(ai_migrate my_marines/SQUAD_2 second_covenant/marines)
(sleep_until (= true (volume_test_objects TRIGGER_VOLUME_3 (players))) 5)
(ai_migrate second_covenant/marines my_marines/SQUAD_3)

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Posted: Jul 29, 2018 11:11 PM    Msg. 3 of 5       
Hi DeadHamster, thanks for your detailed answer. There are indeed many cov squads and encounters and some of them are probably unused. But I can't really use them for my marines, because the firiring position are kinda random and not that well organized. And I need them tight and sorted so they follow me well.
But what I did was, I migrated my Marines to the ones outside in the valley once you get there, so that helped a lot. But later you enter the building again and they stop following you, therefore I need new squads.

Also I use OS_Sapien to edit the map (it would crash anyways on the normal sapien), but I still get that squad limit error. Do you think that the map needs to be made from scratch to enhance OS features? I still compile it as a normal map file though.

Edit: Just for the record my debug file.
07.30.18 05:00:22 EAX: 0x00000000
07.30.18 05:00:22 EBX: 0x00000001
07.30.18 05:00:22 ECX: 0x00000000
07.30.18 05:00:22 EDX: 0x00000000
07.30.18 05:00:22 EDI: 0x0018F0D8
07.30.18 05:00:22 ESI: 0x00000000
07.30.18 05:00:22 EBP: 0x0018EFB0
07.30.18 05:00:22 ESP: 0x0018EFA0
07.30.18 05:00:22 EIP: 0x77800C52, 83 C4 04 C2 ?????
07.30.18 05:00:22 EXCEPTION halt in \halopc\haloce\source\ai\ai.c,#1718: editing caused an overflow of MAXIMUM_SQUADS_PER_MAP (1024)

Also If you want to see & play it here is the dl link:

It's nothing special, just some Marines (9) spawn with you in the pelican :P I don't like walking alone lol

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Posted: Jul 30, 2018 09:38 AM    Msg. 4 of 5       
I had added the squads into Guerilla, not in Sapien. There must be a game limit that exists beyond the tagset limits itself.

You can split each Marine encounter into 2 sets by placing two sets of firing positions, A & B. Set the encounters to attack with A but defend with B, and use (ai_attack encountername/squadname) and (ai_defend encountername/squadname) to switch between them.

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Posted: Jul 30, 2018 09:54 AM    Msg. 5 of 5       
So now I added them in OS_Guerilla, but Sapien still crashes upon starting -_-


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