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Some tutorials would be nice...

Posted: Oct 2, 2018 01:40 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
Is it possible to have encounters spawn infinitely over and over once the encounter is killed? E.g. encounter1 (5 elites) once all 5 are killed they all respawn.

Is it possible to script music to fade out after a while? Mine seems to play forever and kinda ruins the immersion. In some levels the music would loop for about 5 minutes or so before fading out if you're still stuffing around in the area, how can I make it happen for my music?

Is there a script to end a mission? Like fade out? I board a pelican and have it fly off but my mission continues and my pelican animation comes to an end. I want to have my screen fade out and have the mission end as the pelican is flying. Is this possible?

...Yes... I somehow, the most unskilled here, managed to make a small mission... Crazy right? Those script questions above are literally the last mysteries I need help solving. Just too bad I cannot make a damn custom map... ONE DAY!! ONNNEEE DAAAY DAMMIT!


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