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Posted: Oct 17, 2018 12:53 AM    Msg. 1 of 3       
(script startup gotopelly
(sleep_until (volume_test_objects pelican_enter (area2)) 30)
(wake board)

This is my script currently ^
This is what shows in debug v

10.16.18 23:01:40 this left parenthesis is unmatched.: (script startup gotopelly
10.16.18 23:01:51 [migrate_unitplayerset_fade line 14] this is not a valid function or script name.: area2)) 30)

What i'm essentially trying to do is, when my marines enter a volume trigger, use a ai_to_vehicle so they board a nearby pelican waiting for them. "area2" is the encounter the marines are in, "board" is the name of the ai_to_vehicle script, and "pelican_enter" is the name of the volume trigger. My problem is i'm not sure how to call on my marines. I've tried armored_marine, marine, human, the squad name, and the encounter name. I keep getting the same error.

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Apparently public enemy number 1?

Posted: Oct 18, 2018 02:20 AM    Msg. 2 of 3       
(ai_actors area2) will treat the encounter as an object_list

(sleep_until (volume_test_objects pelican_enter (ai_actors area2)) 30)

I assume your dormant script, board, exists? Anyways, you could just put the contents directly in this startup script anyways, since your script at this time has no further branching or anything, gotopelly stops right after waking the other script.

Joined: Oct 16, 2018

Posted: Oct 18, 2018 10:53 AM    Msg. 3 of 3       
I thought of that solution last night actually, was already laying down so I couldn't try it. Thanks for confirming though, really appreciated.


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