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Posted: Oct 20, 2018 06:03 PM    Msg. 1 of 4       
As you can see in the title, my 3ds max version is 8. Ok so i'm importing the npelican model from hugeass, animating a flight path, and exporting with CAD's thing. When I try to build with tool *tool animations levels\test\bloodgulch\npelican*, I get this error:

### 1.jmw
### ERROR reached end of file during parse.
### ERROR too many nodes in actor.
failed to parse jma

model animation compression saved 0 bytes

I'm following MattDratt's yt tutorial on this whole thing, and everything is fine except for this. Also i'm not sure if it's important, but when I export the animation, it plays it and always freezes about 80 frames before the end, then says done. Any thoughts?

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This site brings me pain.

Posted: Oct 21, 2018 04:48 PM    Msg. 2 of 4       
Move to a 64bit version of 3dsmax, it sounds like it's running out of memory. max 8 is 32bit, 32bit means only 2-4gb of memory is accessable. Or try waiting to see if it responds after a few minutes.

Unexpected end of file means the exporter never finished writing all the animation data to the file.

Joined: Oct 16, 2018

Posted: Oct 21, 2018 10:03 PM    Msg. 3 of 4       
In the end I just decided to get gmax. (am I crazy? lol) anyways, i'm just planning on doing animations, so. I got everything working fine in gmax, just trying to figure out how to use it better. I already made a test animation, and no errors in sight, so that's good.

Also, if I HAD to get 3ds max, would version 9 work as 64-bit? If not, do you know which versions would? Thanks for the help so far btw
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Posted: Oct 23, 2018 02:48 PM    Msg. 4 of 4       
Any version of max 5+ should work. I run 2017 and everything works aye ok


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