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We create a seat that only exists when the driver exists with the "not valid without driver" bitmask, we tell the ai to go to this seat when the driver exists and is the player.

(= (vehicle_test_seat g0 "G-driver" (player0)) 1)

We duplicate the driver seat and change the label to "boarded", uncheck the driver bitmask from this seat. We have another seat called "boarder" with the right markers and animations to board the vehicle, this seat also needs the driver bitmask checked for this to work. We have two drivers when the player is being boarded. The first driver (player) is loaded into the "boarded" seat and is no longer the driver, thus the "boarder" becomes the real driver, and we can manipulate the driver like before with (g0_driver) to load that boarder into the normal driver seat. The unit in the "boarded" seat has an exit animation that ejects them.

Thank CMT for the tags related. I will post updates in this thread.

(global short IndexMarinesHijack 0)

(script startup startstuff
(set developer_mode 127)
(sleep 60)
(set playerman0 (unit (list_get (players) 0)))
(object_create g0)
(object_create g0b)

(script static unit g0_driver (vehicle_driver g0))
(script static unit g0b_driver (vehicle_driver g0b))

(script continuous hijack_player
(sleep 15)
(if (and (= (vehicle_test_seat g0 "G-driver" (player0)) 1)
(< (objects_distance_to_object (g0_driver) (unit (list_get (ai_actors cyborgs) IndexMarinesHijack))) 4)
(!= (ai_status cyborgs) 1)
(!= (ai_status cyborgs) 2)
(ai_go_to_vehicle_override cyborgs g0 "ghost-board-side")

(if (and (= (vehicle_test_seat g0 "G-driver" (player0)) 1)
(= (vehicle_test_seat_list g0 "ghost-board-side" (ai_actors cyborgs)) 1)
(!= (ai_status cyborgs) 1)
(!= (ai_status cyborgs) 2)
(sleep 15)
(vehicle_load_magic g0 "G-driver-boarded" (player0))
(unit_exit_vehicle (player0))
(vehicle_load_magic g0 "driver" (g0_driver))

(set IndexMarinesHijack (+ IndexMarinesHijack 1))
(if (< 4 IndexMarinesHijack)
(set IndexMarinesHijack 0)


Test map:

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Mmmmm this is some real tasty stuff

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