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Whenever I start multiplayer and "Get list" I can't see only 1-2 rooms. I also have another computer that has the game too and its working fine with multiplayer see the other 100+ people. And whenever I create a room it says I have an invalid key. And whenever I tried to join my other computers room with a direct ip address it says not found.

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Posted: Apr 22, 2019 02:45 AM    Msg. 3 of 3       
You can't use an invalid key online. You need to have a "legal" copy. The CD keys in the keygen programs out there have been known for years, Microsoft doesn't allow them to host or join online games.

There are Dedicated Servers running a special software called SAPP that, among other things, allows a server to ignore CD keys. Unless you connect to these, Halo will reject your connection. You'd need to reinstall it with a "valid" CD key. Also, two users cannot use the same CD key in a server, regardless of if it's valid or not.

Further, update to 1.10. You have to manually download and apply the patch. Get a legitimate copy of the Halo PC .ISO and a CD key of some kind. Update to 1.09 using the updater, download the 1.10 patch and place it in your Halo CE folder. Run the patch and it'll update to 1.10

There are lots of servers running that special SAPP software, you'll have to find them. You can also play over LAN. But without a valid CD key, you're not hosting a game or connecting to a legitimate server. And unfortunately, in 2019 there's no way to purchase a CD key from Microsoft. You can purchase a copy off amazon/ebay, but that neither supports Microsoft/Bungie or guarantees you're getting a good CD key. Best bet is playing the SAPP servers until the MCC version of Halo 1 comes out and you can purchase it.


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