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Author Topic: Open Sauce causes "Gathering exception data..." on Windows 10 Pro. (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)
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Oh yea, I am always RIGHT! Even when I'm not.

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 04:19 PM    Msg. 1 of 1       
This actually started happening recently.

I haven't played nor touched Halo in some time.
Went on when SPV3 was about to come out, good and all...

Had my game ready, thought about playing some older OS maps...

Tried to get on the game, "Gathering exception data..."

OS + Halo CE (CLEAN INSTALLATION) just won't work!

I tried:
1. Reinstall Open Sauce
2. Reinstall Halo CE
3. Check DirectX/GPU drivers
4. Uninstall anything recent that could cause the issue
5. Tried with AmaiSosu
6. Cleaned up Documents/My Games folder...

I'm literally starting to go nuts.

I have to forecfully change from AHCI -> IDE (In UEFI BIOS).
Load Windows 7 boot, play the game.

Then I have to go back to AHCI, open Windows 10 Repair, bootrec to fix boot manager.
So I'd be able to go back to Windows 10.

This process takes around 10/20 mins each time I do it, and it's starting to really **** me off.

I seriously need help. LMAO.

Hopefully someone who isn't in the SPV3 Discord channel, can help me out here.
Not sure why I haven't popped on here in the 1st place.

Thanks in advance.

Just to make things clear, Halo CE works with Chimera and HAC2.
All of these installations are clean. Seperate.
All 3 work on Windows 7.

Only 1 doesn't work on Windows 10, and it's the OS one.
And no... I'm not running HAC/OS together...
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