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Numeric Countdown Timer

Get a sprite sheet with ten image slots(0 through 9).
Well, not exactly a sprite sheet. Just a multipage bitmap with all 'default' flags will work too

Make a gbxmodel with whatever digits you want it to display. For this tutorial I am using all seven valid digits.

Each digit uses its own HEK-permutation which is provided by a number at the end of the submaterial-name.
So for each digit, make a copy of the submaterial and put a number for whichever digit you plan on using at the end of the name.

(you can click and drag submaterials to copy them)

Valid digits:

0 ) microseconds?
1 ) milliseconds
2 ) tens of milliseconds
3 ) seconds
4 ) tens of seconds
5 ) minutes
6 ) tens of minutes

(so in permutations, a halo clock would be 65 : 43 : 210 ) or ( clock6 clock5 : clock4 clock3 : clock2 clock1 clock0 )

If you were using all seven digits, you should have seven submaterials all named something like ' clock6, clock5, clock4 . .. . . .' etc. etc.

For the number sheet TIF, you will need a chicago or chicago_extended shader. Flag the shader as Numeric under Chicago Shader properties, then scroll to the very bottom of the tag and flag it as Numeric Countdown Timer
Save it and you're done.

Now you can use that shader_transparent_chicago wherever you want(probably).

To set a countdown timer in-game use this code:

numeric_countdown_timer_set <milliseconds> <BOOL autostart>

With all of that out of the way, the maximum countdown that halo seems to support is 3,600,000 <longs> (one hour).

(A seven-digit countdown timer counting down from one-hour)

for the image above, I called:
numeric_countdown_timer_set 36000000 true

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Posted: Sep 20, 2019 05:08 AM    Msg. 2 of 2       
Impressive stuff, thanks for the tut :)


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