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Author Topic: Before you ask how to edit/make maps - Read This (44 messages, Page 2 of 2)
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Posted: Jun 19, 2012 01:37 AM    Msg. 36 of 44       
Networking Tips and Tricks:

01 - Using the same source folders on every computer
When working on assets from more than one computer, a neat trick is to get every computer to use the same source. There are a few ways to do this, but two of them are: symbolic links, or using a NAS drive(network drive). If you work as a dev. team, this is a great way to increase productivity because you don't have to stop one another to bring your finished work to the main computer! Imagine this: you made a grenade from your laptop, sounds and all. When you make changes to your grenade, all the master computer has to do is know that you are finished, and just load up sapien! The changes that were made will already be ingame because y'all were sharing a tags folder

The first method, linking to a master computer(WINDOWS):
>>Linking to a master computer involves using command prompt to make symbolic links. A symbolic-link is a low level shortcut that when used, silently brings the user to another folder or process without being detected, they're useful for moving old programs around, ones that only install to a fixed location.

STEP01: Find a computer that you know is the most reliable in a file-sharing situation, and make sure it has "File and Printer Sharing" enabled.
STEP02: Find out that computer's name: This can be done by opening a command-prompt and typing:
tracert localhost

The computer's name will be after the words "Tracing route to ".
STEP03: enable sharing for the folders that you want(be sure to specify share names), when a share is made, you can access that share from another computer on your local network by typing this into your address bar:

STEP04: Preparing other development computers: In each of the Halo Custom Edition install directories, you should rename or remove(don't delete them if you like portability) the folders that you want to use the remote versions of.
STEP05: making the links: After each computers' local folders are out of the way(symbolic-links work by there NOT being an original folder), it is time to make links to each of the main shared sources! Open a command prompt in the Halo Custom Edition install folder(or just open tool since that is how it is set up(NOT a tool UI!!)).
What we are going to do here is this: make symbolic-links for each of the shared sources(sources being, things like the data folder, tags, folder, and the maps folder(OR a combination of those))
to make a link, open up your tool prompt(because tool operates from the install directory) and use this command to make a symbolic-link for each of your remote sources:
mklink /D localFolderName //computerName/shareName

You should be done.

My example of sharing sources is this: I have my main computer set up as the host, sharing its maps folder and tags folder, I also have two development laptops(one for sound creation, and the other for asset creation besides BSPs). The two laptops have had their maps and tags folders renamed so that Halo Custom Edition won't use them, and symbolic-links are in place of the original(they have the shorcut symbol next to them, but since they are low-level routes to their destinations my computer thinks that it is looking at its own maps and data folders(apparent in the address bar)). Whenever one is taken, to be worked on somewhere else, the person using them can just rename the folders and symbolic links. The reason I DON'T share data folders is so we can't ruin our source material by having people accidentally work on the same things and possibly corrupting them, forcing eachother to restart from scratch.
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Posted: Dec 24, 2012 02:24 PM    Msg. 37 of 44       
I thought I'd put a copy of this on this thread for modelers:

I think it was posted earlier, but the link died, so heres another :P

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Posted: Jan 1, 2013 05:35 PM    Msg. 38 of 44       
When I run the gmax installer, it just installs fraps and that's it.

I have tried downloading again.


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Posted: Jan 1, 2013 07:37 PM    Msg. 39 of 44       
Quote: --- Original message by: Hs_crozzhair
When I run the gmax installer, it just installs fraps and that's it.

I have tried downloading again.
You need to delete the files in your Temp folder. Fraps and Gmax use similar installers and fraps leave the installer in the temp directory

Open windows explorer and in the address bar type %temp% and return. This will open your temp directory. Sort the file list in detail mode by date and delete everything that is not from this year (2013). You may find some files in use so just skip them when prompted. Then try installing gmax again.

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Posted: Jan 1, 2013 09:53 PM    Msg. 40 of 44       
The only 2 files left that are in use are


and it still doesn't work.


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Posted: Jan 1, 2013 11:42 PM    Msg. 41 of 44       
Check the C:\windows\temp folder as well. On Win7/Vista you will need admin privilege to access is but it may be there. This is a known issue in that fraps leaves it's installer and Gmax uses the same one but doesn't overwrite it. It's always in one of the temp folders.

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Posted: Jan 6, 2014 09:24 PM    Msg. 42 of 44       
This post is about,
Bluestreak GBXmodel Importer. -Fixed.
Bluestreak JMS Exporter. -Fixed.

-Not Fixed by me.


Well, I found these; they were not that hard to find, but I made them even easier to get.

First one is a a fixed GBXmodel importer, it correctly assigns the materials, aswell as imports them ALL; not just the first two.
It can be found HERE, this one was fixed up but SlowBullet, if I remember correctly; though it still does not get the correct destination folder of the .tif files in data.
In many feeble attempts at this, I just end up corrupting the .ms.

Second, a AWESOME fix for BlueStreak; exporting at REDICULOUS SPEEDS!
It can be found HERE, speed factor was made possible by "bobbysoon", the rest of the credits are found in the "about" tab/button/thing, when you load it.
-Also, this one is apparently supposed to be in "GmaxPlugins/"
-gMax ONLY!!!!

@Mootjuh, since my IP is banned, and I can't be bothered hopping on a proxy, lol.
You may have the the same problem that I had with Chimp; 3 open edges, non-existing, but the wrl (and in-gamed with toolio) says that there is a vert that has been stretched across the world.

Fix = I haven't come accross any yet.

Fix 2 = I may have left out the detail that it is gMax ONLY, that may have caused it, lol, sorry.

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Posted: May 4, 2016 12:41 PM    Msg. 43 of 44       

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Posted: Apr 8, 2017 12:32 AM    Msg. 44 of 44       
3DS Max Compatibility

- - - - - - - - - -
These tests were done on Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Branch 64-bit.

A lot of " Halo Compatible " 3dsmax versions simply don't run on modern operating systems besides windows XP. So I wanted to collect them all and test them one by one. Here are my findings, they'll probably turn out differently for you:
- - - - - - - - - -

3DS Max 5
  • Run its installer in XP Service Pack 2 mode(Not Service Pack 3).
  • Will enable DirectShow from the Windows Legacy Features control panel.
  • Needs to be patched for single-core CPU use. Use imagecfg.
    ---- Setting CPU affinity allows max5 to shutdown properly. Without this fix, max5 will stay in memory after an exit.
    ---- cDilla is 16-bit. Will not work on 64bit windows AND IS NOT A DOS PROGRAM. Use a Network license to activate max5.
  • Service Pack 1 is needed to run Max5 in Direct3D 9 mode.

    3DS Max 6
  • Untested, for now

    3DS Max 7
  • Run its installer in XP Service Pack 2 mode(sp3 not tested).
  • The License Agreement window does not render. So you cannot accept the license agreement without a hack. Use Windows Enabler to bypass the accept button.
  • Needs to be patched for single-core CPU. Use imagecfg.
    ---- Setting CPU affinity allows max7 to shutdown properly. Without this fix, max7 will fail to load AT ALL, and will stay in memory after an exit.

    3DS Max 8
  • Same as 3ds Max 7

    Turbosquid GMAX (free)
  • Same as 3ds Max 7.
  • imagecfg trips gmax's integrity test. Patch it anyways. Make a copy of gmax.exe and run the copy instead
  • GMAX needs a well known registration bypass hack. (discreet doesn't exist anymore. So you cannot get a GMAX account. Which is a shame since GMAX is free.)
    EDIT: As of Q4 2017 it seems that the registration hack is getting more and more difficult to find with a simple search. However, I tested Windows Enabler, and it does allow you to proceed on the registry//first-launch step

    Blitzkrieg( MAX5 Version that comes with the HEK )
  • Place blitzkrieg.dlu into the plugins folder
  • The .dll files can actually be placed in the 3dsmax5 folder !

    Blitzkrieg( Max6, Max7, and Max8 Version from the downloads section )
  • Place blitzkrieg.dlu into the plugins folder
  • The .dll files can actually be placed in the 3dsmax root folder. Just don't overwrite any .dlls that are already present. It doesn't have to be exact which dlls you have.


    this seems to be fixed for max5 and max7. (Aug 28, 2017))These older 3dsmax programs and their free clone alternative have problems with Right-Click menus. These artifacts traditionally don't show up until you've done a lot of work.

    What will happen: The right-click menu leaves a menu-shaped artifact on your screen that persists even when the program is minimized. It will not disappear until the program is shut down. Be sure to accommodate any right-click action with a workaround, and make yourself comfortable with using toolbar buttons and dropdown menus instead of right-clicking

    Windows Enabler is a standalone program(can be run from removable storage). What Windows Enabler does is "Un-Greys out" disabled buttons. Use it at your own risk.

    Imagecfg permanently patches exe files with a new CPU affinity. It is used in these compatibility tests to make these old 3dsmax programs run on a single core. Be sure to back up your target file before modifying it.


  • 3dsmax 5 (presumably 6) and 3dsmax 7 Do not have a pelt-unwrapper. They also lack the Bridge tool, making 3D modeling a bit of a challenge compared to newer versions. Often requiring you to sew up open edges with the create_face tool.

  • 3ds Max 7 (I do not have 6) Introduces Paint Deformation. This gives you the ability to use a drawing tablet to deform polies for things like: Hills, mountains, pits, and bumps. It recognizes Pen Pressure.

  • 3ds Max 8 introduces the UVW Pelt-unwrapper along with seam-editing. Max 8 also introduces the Bridge tool under Editable Poly which significantly speeds up mesh modeling.

    3dsmax5 windows 64bit windows7 windows 8 windows vista windows 8.1 win10 windows 10 x64 64-bit 64 max5 max7 max8

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