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@omfgroflz I found a way to install HEK+. I'll send you a PM. I opened the green screen map and used Map Explorer but couldn't find the .scenario file. Where is it located?

I downloaded HEK+ from the site but when I run the setup it says I need .NET Framework. I updated it but the message is still the same. Can someone rip the .scenario file from the green screen map from the site, please?

Are you talking for the armors? Because the updated one seems to have all the files from the previous one and even more.

P.S.: How to open *.map files?
Edited by shetproductions on Feb 28, 2010 at 04:39 AM

Thanks! It looks perfect! I'm going to read some of the tutorials and look at the files and I'll write if I don't understand something.

I have HEK and I've already downloaded some tutorials. I was searching for CQB in the site but I didn't seem to find it. Can you help me?

I was thinking of Close Quarters Battle Armor (CQB) from Halo 3. Are there any skins and bipeds for it? Some assault rifle skins or bipeds will also be nice ;)

Well I read the "read before you ask" thread and I'm confused
"these tags CAN NOT be added to existing map (*.map) files and must be compiled into the maps during creation" - then what can I edit in an existing maps? I just want to change the model for the player character and some of the weapons and as far as I know they're tags too.
How can I edit this?

Hi guys! I'm new to Halo moddng but I know that you can't edit an existing map. I'm searching for a way to play with different skin/model for Master Chief on existing maps and I came out with an idea: Can you replace one of the multiplayer colors with another skin or even 3D model for Master Chief? Also can you change a weapon's skin with a better one?
Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Sorry if I have any mistakes - I'm writing in a hurry.

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