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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » RPG Beta 6 Commands Mar 15, 2010 04:04 PM (Total replies: 7)

I am in MRp», the clan who's Dedi I think you were in at the time.
I will list the commands I know, but these ARE NOT all of them:

/spd (player) (number between 0-100)
/suspend (player) stops player from moving
/unsuspend (player) allows player to move again
/kill (player) kills player
/k (player) Kicks player (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH /kill -.-)
/b (player) Bans player
/e [command list below]
-/e object_create_anew_containing p (spawns peli)
-/e object_create_anew_containing h (spawns hogs and hovertanks)
-/e object_create_anew_containing s (spawns scorpion tanks)
-/e object_create_anew_containing c (spawns cyrotubes and peli [again])
/t (player) (place) [for example, /t exeon wall]
/st (player) (placename) Sets a teleport location, for later use
/sc (player) (nickname) sets a nickname, for use with devicator. For example, somones name is H4x0R1337, say /sc H4x0R1337 haxor, and then use haxor for any commands relating to that player (useful for players with altcoded names)
/a (player) 1-10 (sets admin for a player)
/e say "your text here"
/team (player) Changes a players team

Those are the most used ones. Im sure there are others, i KNOW there are. But like i said, these are the most used ones, as well as most useful.
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