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the netgame was what i needed to do.. thanks... as for the tutorial i have used it and tried it but still end up with bad errors... not sure what im doing wrong.. ill continue to try .. thanks

also... if i have a map made and want to add a base to it i just make a new box (flip and clear after converting it to a editable mesh add the coloring / uvmapping to the floor walls and ceilling )and attach it to the main map then link it to the frame as well as the main map correct?


all i want to do is add a plain box base with a opening for the doors one on each end with a big open area inside where i can add storage blocks and shields....

i add them like i would the vehicles and sceenery but i go online and they show up for a few seconds and then disapear or they dont show at all..

also if somepone can tell me how to make tunnels in gmax like i want to have a mountain in the middle with tunnels threw it.. common thing but im haveing bad luck with it..lol


most of the ones i wanted gave me the contact a bungie designer error .. unless i am using them wrong...lol some worked without a problem but the bases i wanted, wouldn't work for me..

anyone have a scenery folder compressed and ready to email?..lol

i have a few small maps made now and am getting some good practice in learning a lot of the basics i need to get a nice map made.. i find i am using the same 5-10 items.. i need more scenery tags.. but i can only find a few online.. anyone have a good collection or a spot to get them.. thanks

game flags.... put in the bases not the flags..lol

also loaded without the jeeps or tanks but got that straightened out... as well as the guns.. and items...

i cant seem to find any base structures.. i seen them added but not sure if i have to dl them or pull them out of a map or what..?
ill check more online my real problem is below....lol its a hit and miss with bad aim..lol thanks again btw i dont hvae xfire.. sorry i forgot to mention that earlier when ya asked,,,

when im doing the material placing in gmax it doesnt work right it covers all items the sky color or it all turns to the same color like my info isnt reading corectly.. any suggestions... i spend more time messing with that then i do making the whole map..lol

i try 3 material spots.. first i name it then
1 diffuse blue with +sky click veiw in port then arrow up

2 wdgrass with the button beside difuse i copy/paste name then view in port then arrow up then paste name view in port then arrow up again (backout to the 3 choices)

3 i repeat step 3 but with wdcliffs ( wdwalls is danger canyon cliffs renamed and wdgrass is grass i made from pic online 512x512 )

i get all three in the material " circles " and i apply with the correct numbers for the ID but some reason they dont always work.. in fact it only worked 3 or so maps out of the 15 or more i tried making.. some was ignorant but now i know and seen it done ..lol why why why.........lol

lol told ya i would be back...
i opened halo ce and created a lan game but when i opened my map it shuts me down...

not sure why and no time right now to check online for reasons...

ill be back in about an hour and start looking then , if no one has any suggestions.. thanks.////

awsome guys.. that tut really taught me a lot... i have the shaders adown and i have been playing with the sapien program.. i believe im ready to finish my map but i go to save the senerio and it does says so on the bottom of the preview / game window but when i do the next step in tools it doesnt reconize what im doing...

tool build-cashe-file levels\davis\davis

OMG...LMAO i just realised my problem as i was asking for help and seeing the type in a different window....lol CASHE.... CACHE..... tool just built my first map... thanks to you all for the help........

im sure i will be back to pick your brains some more when i try adding tunnels and bridges and all that...lol
this one was just a basic outdoors map with a mountain to go around either side of to get to flag....lol have to learn the basics.... thanks again.....

thanks for all the responces but i am still not getting it.. i will keep trying and working at it..

if anyone has a good tutorial about shaders and what to click when making them in gurilla please pass it on to me..lol thanks

how do i make a new shader?

i used the example_tutorial_ground for my ground coloring and
just a blue color for the +sky very simple map..lol

just trying to get one done corectly then ill get creative..

i understand your example above... just not sure where to do it.. gmax sapien tools or guerrilla..lol

i am thankful for all your help...

i have done the
radiosity in sapien
the lightmaps in tool

niether one has worked .. they both run and seam to work correctly but nothing changes except in one map

after running
radiosity_quality 0
it went from complete dark land with normal sky to complete white (like snow covered) land and normal sky..lol i have tried quality 1 and start, save.. all them that i can it didnt change..

and yes the tutorial said add the grenades.. the gun the pistol and 4 grenades

i have learned everything up to sapien from online without help.. i have a few questions...

when i run tool structure it asks me about shaders 1-9 or it says used random 2 shaders other then this i am in good shape up to sapien...lol

sapien im assumoing has the problem of lightiong because of my shader problem in tools....

anyways... i open sapien and get to the map view....

on some maps i see all darkness with the glimps of mountain ranges where my map is.. so i know the geometry of my map is good... ( the sky is all dark as well ) i run radiosity and it doesnt do anything to it.. it has a light purple tint to the black that lets me see the hills and tell that the map is there just pure black.lol

on another map the sky is good with the moon and halo looking ring and all.. but my map is pitch black i can move camera around and see the outline of the hills and all but it is pure black..... i run radiosity and it turns the map all white. but leaves the sky good.... it looks like snow covered mountains floating in the box of sky and halo ring...

i am sure it is something simple that the tutorials on you tube didnt show me to click on or something but...lol...

i tried hard to learn the basics without alot of help but i just cant seem to get this right ... any advise would be great.. thanks...

cpu is --- p4 2.4ghz --- 1gb ddr266 --- 512gb geforce 7300gt

process i use is

gmax -- frame linked to the boxmap
chimp -- no debug
grablistener -- saved as jms into models folder of the newmap location also save (bitmaps)
cmd/tool -- structure and lightmaps
geurilla -- sky / all games / starting items
sapien -- nothing past here cause i cant see my maps light up...lol

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