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Really ? o my gosh :S, dang! Well, ok then i have to ask something new. U got a bit knowledge with cheatengine ? Cuz i program most with it and Visual Basic.

I Need something to know. How can i find the adress for the "Ghost" ??? I tried it million times but couldn't find the ghost adress. Cuz i want to write a little app which allows u to make some stuff with the Behavior of the ghost.

I need to know how i find it :S, with which value it starts or how i should scan etc :S.

Here is the result i want to do on this video!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVqtw-IlBGw

Kind Regards

Quote: --- Original message by: idltp
You need to be patient. Not everyone here knows how to program.

Yeah thats true, but it's sad :S here are probably enough but it would be cool if the ppl who can it, just write something like, hmm i maybe know how to let me test it i will message back in few time or something.

Well i dont force someone to help me, but it just would be cool if one of a programmer would message here if he helps or not. So i would know if it's possible or something or not.

Wow well i know .... but its my opinion. And i would do it IF FINALLY Someone POST who can help. But u all only discuss with me here.

So i cant do this. I think a app cant be made with chaning the max lenght of name, cuz then app must be programmed like when u click the button or open the prog that it breaks the limit of the name. So i think the only chance is that u can break the limit through memory hacking, per a hex view or so.

But no one can help here -.- So i can't try it out. If no one is here who want/will help me our try help me just let the topic alone but please dont anymore discuss with me about, how ur opinion is about the name, cuz its useless...

Well 14 is not much more :S, i would like 20 chars, thats cool it must be seen in halo that ur name is longer its something special =).

Well now can someone help me or not ?? I really need to know how i should get on this !

Yeah well 15 is ok too or maybe 17 or 20. Its enough too. But well i need really help with it, like i said i did all i can with the stuff in memory etc. Someone need to know the game adresses and their properties. Cuz im not a pro in Memory (Hex) view. Just got a bit knowledge. I have written some ce apps with the adresses of the game but this one is complex :S.

I think it only can be changed in the game data.

P:S: If someone wants my xfire for some gaming or discuss ;) here it is: fire33lol

Edited by ReeZe on Jul 7, 2011 at 07:39 AM

Well, i have again think about it, it's really a sick idea, but no one response :S i think its impossible to do. I think it can only be changed in the Game Data, so i need to know which Memory Adress i have to edit. Can Not someone please help ??? Pleassse!


Hello HaloCE Com!

I got a coool idea which i cant get out of my head and i really would enjoy it and really like to have it or make it. But i tried all i can, i have only some Visual Basic Knowledge and it isnt probably not possible with it. Then i tried to look into the Memory with CheatEngine and some specially Memory Viewer Program to change the value, but didn't got enough knowledge for that either and didn't know what i should look for.

So and now to my IDEA: I had the IDEA to make a Program, which allows u to make ur HaloCE Name longer than 11 Characters, i thought like at 20 - 30 Chars (no one have long names like that but for sure way). I asked really around to my friends etc, all said its a nice idea but no one could help me :S. Would be really cool if this goes true :) <3333!!!!

So now, CAN MAYBE SOMEONE PROGRAM IT FOR ME ??? PLEEEEASSE i really looking for someone who would be able to do it plzplzplzplzplzplz, tell me then what i can do for u in return or so if im able to do that then ^^

Kind Regards,

I know i didnt made my HaloCe map with Hmt or Sparkedit. My CE Map i did with Sapien, Guerilla. And i already have Harbinger and i converted my Map to halopc all works fine. But i got the problem, that if i open a Dedicated server i did a Extra folder named "Mod DediServer" in the folder i put in: Haloded.exe, Strings.dll (ded.exe needs it), init.txt and then i created a folder called "MAPS" there i put my modded damnation map in it. SO now i tried to open the server and run "ONLY" on the modded map and i want to make it so that i dont must extra overwrite my original damnation with the modded one. So i need to know how i set up a HaloDedicated server with modded maps, without overwrite the original maps so just that the server loads the maps that are in the maps folder of the folder "Mod DediServer", Yesterday i tried it and it gave "Gathering Exception DatA" if i joined the game.

ahh thanks a lot i got it =D thnx

One thing i need to know again.

All works fine now with the weapons ports etc. And i probably want to Convert the map do a HaloPc Map then if it's finished. Now i want to add Vehicles into the map some C_Gun_Turrets, but i had bad knowledge from adding vehicles into maps where normally no vehicles exist. Cuz at one time i modded RatRace on HaloPC with Spark Edit and HMT and stuff. And i added Vehicles intro the map. So all works fine but after 2 - 5 Minutes playing on the map it has got an "Gathering Exception Data". So now i need to know if it's possible to add vehicles into maps where normally no veh. exists. And if yes i need to know how cuz i dont want to corrupt the map and i want that peoples can play later on the server at this map. Hope someone can again help me.
Edited by ReeZe on Jul 21, 2010 at 02:24 PM

Hello guys,

im modding the map Damnation right now cuz i like the map and not many guys maybe no one modded this map. So i thought i put some simple mods on it like, many weapons over map, equipent and ports.

So i did all well and i tested if it works. So all works fine for i think 1 Minute. If i play the map, all the weapons and equipment is placed and there, but if u play 1 Minute all weapons and equipments that i placed "Go Away" they're gone then. I dont know what that is. Is this map not for mods or is it fixable???

I hope anyone can help me.
Edited by ReeZe on Jul 20, 2010 at 07:14 PM

Hey guys,

i have now a big script for my a30 Map, all works fine now but now i need little things. If i come to the first Beam Tower then many AI's spawns and an FireFight Begin. It starts all if i walk into a Trigger Volume, but it's borin if there is no Music that plays. Now i need to know how i write a script for music playing, and it should be like if "ALL" the AI's are killed the music stops playing (The AI respawn 10 times). And if the AI's are all killed a Pelican should spawn and pickup my marines. But i have no idea how i should do this.

I hope someone can help me ;).


ok thanks ;), got it now.

Hey Gamma and deadlyfighter. Thanks for the help ;). I'll try it out, and i added u on Xfire deadlyfighter, we can talk about the prob there again ;). But now i need again help.

So i loaded up the recorded animations of the a30 map. Then i added a Dropship called lz_cship, and and encounter which the dropship should drop then.

I tested all and typed the commands in the sapien console. Works fine!

But now i want to write my script. I named the script bspswitch, added then all the commands which the dropship should do then, with: recording_play_and_hover etc etc...

the commands was all right, cuz i tested them in sapien. But when i try to compile the scripts ever a other LINE makes trouble........

now i tried it from the beginning.

First i wrote:

(script startup bspswitch
(unit_close lz_cship)

then i saved as an .hsc file and compiled to see if any line makes trouble. But it compiled successfully.

then i wrote:

(script startup bspswitch
(unit_close lz_cship)
(vehicle_load_magic lz_cship "passenger" (ai_actors spec_ops/spec_ops_elites)

then saved again and see if a line makes trouble. Then when i tried to compile this message comes:

recompiling scripts after scenarios were merged.
this left parenthesis is unmatched.: (script startup bspswitch

it's line one: (script startup bspswitch

Why it works now not ???? when i had just:

(script startup bspswitch
(unit_close lz_cship)

it works and then i add a other command it works not.,......

I tried the command: (vehicle_load_magic lz_cship "passenger" (ai_actors spec_ops/spec_ops_elites) in the SAPIEN CONSOLE there it worked fine. Why does it not work in the script ??? .......

Ok done it works now fine. But, now i have other problem.

My mod plays on the map a30, and a30 got 2 BSP's. So i modded both BSP's a bit now. To switch the bsp's i press ctrl+b then i choose my BSP. So there are too grunts which should enter turrets. In the first BSP they spawning, but when i choose the 2nd BSP, this message shows up in sapien:

WARNING: encounter turret_grunts could be ambiguously attached to BSPs #0 and #1.

And they dont spawn in the 2nd BSP. Now i thought it's just in Sapien. So i compiled my scripts and the map. But when i compile the map this message comes too. So now i tested my map in haloce. It works fine on the first BSP, but the 2nd BSP starts if u get out of the tunnel where u must activate the light bridge. So the 2nd level part isnt there. It's like in sapien. In Sapien u must press ctrl+b to see the other bsp, but how i fix this that i can play the whole map???

Now i can only play at the first level part. Level part 2 isnt there o.O?????

plz help :/

Quote: --- Original message by: deadlyfighter1000

How many .hsc files do you have? You only really need 1. Just put all your scripts into one file.
I believe somewhere it is stated you can only have around 6-7..
Edited by deadlyfighter1000 on Apr 10, 2010 at 10:15 PM

I have 10 - 11 .hsc files i think. But if i put all in one, how i do this ?? cuz the first line is (script startup then, and then all scripts begin at the same time or ??? Im script beginner, it's a bit confusing for me then if i put all in one .hsc file i think.

And yes, my scripts are in data\levels\a30\scripts, and my scenario in tags\levels\a30.

Well, thanks in advance deadlyfighter1000, later i'll try it i make the encounters new and the scripts too. I'll post here if it worked or not ;).
Edited by ReeZe on Apr 11, 2010 at 06:44 AM

Are u sure or u just think it ??? :/

Ok guys i found my Problem. Sapien dont compile scripts in my map anymore. I tested it. I wrote a Script with an command that cant work. Saved it as a .hsc file, checked if Sapien tell me any problem with the script, but it says: scripts successfully compiled.

I wrote in the script: (game_KILL) LLALALALLAA. This is an command that cant never work :D.

But now i need really help. How i fix this or what i can do that it work again.

Maybe it's the problem that i added to many .hsc files in scripts folder??? Cuz i dont put all scripts in one .hsc file, i create for every script a new .hsc file. Is this the problem ???

it's in HaloCEDirectory\data\levels\a30\scripts

This is my currently script i compiled: (script startup turret_grunts
(vehicle_load_magic c_turret1 "GT-gunner" (ai_actors turret_grunts/turret1_grunt))

And before i had the "" instead of "GT-gunner" but it works both not.

And yes, my grunt spawning, but does not enter the turret.

Ok i wrote in the sapien console ur code: (vehicle_load_magic c_turret1 "" (ai_actors turret_grunts/turret1_grunt))

then it returns to 1 and the grunt enter the turret.

Then i wrote the same script in the text editor, saved as .hsc compiled scripts (it said succesfully compiled) then i tested it. But in ingame it wont work. Then i tested it again with

(vehicle_load_magic c_turret1 "GT-gunner" (ai_actors turret_grunts/turret1_grunt))

but still dont work, the grunt won't enter the turret :(. Just in sapien it works.

What can i do ? i'm at despair.

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