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why don't you stfu and get out of my thread when you are not helping? you are probably a bad map maker too who makes bg mods all day.

/gtfo of my thread

or else http://sceny.tucker933.com/ gets it...


i did not mean to insult, all i meant to say is that since i know people wont do it for free, money is the answer to their needs, so i'm not a scammer who will scam. i am already planning on paying 2 people working on my other 2 maps and when they finish, then they get their money. and also you cant take the money back from paypal once you've send it to someone as a gift in the options. so as you can see you can do many things with the money on paypal, its not like i'm paying only $1 for this.

show me a lil work of how the animation you've made is done first, if its good, then i will download it and send you the money.

EDIT: i will send as a gift so i cant take it back.
Edited by xbl on Feb 27, 2011 at 11:10 PM

i totally agree with Dennis on this one, stay on topic, or gtfo my thread if you have other things to say not concerning the topic.

Quote: --- Original message by: SlappyThePirate
The real point here is that you can't "shield" with a weapon. You can't have it like an attachment to any weapon you're holding, like this shield or a silencer. It would have to be a separate weapon. And you don't pay people to do stuff here.
Don't call random people dumb. You're the one who made a topic title that sounds like internet prostitution.

i love how dumb your valhalla WIP looks, kind of reminds me of those retarded rpg_beta mods.

Quote: --- Original message by: SlappyThePirate
Paypal isn't cash...?

ugh... are you seriously that dumb? you can easily get the money transferred from paypal to a bank and withdraw it in cash.
this goes to show how dumb pirates can be...

i was wondering if this is possible: like you know how halo 2 is right? well i know in haloce you cant make one hand pick each weapon but if you pick up a single dual weapon, then right click shoots the left weapon and left click shoots the right weapon, i was thinking of adding sword and shield features like that, like the right hand showing you are holding a sword. when left clicking or meleeing with it, it will show sword slashes, and when you are holding the sword it will also show a little view of the shield in the first person animations. also if you use the right click, it will show you using the shield and blocking with it as the sword wont do any attacking, like you can only use either sword or shield in the first person animations by doing those mouse clicks + melee. also was wondering if anyone can animate it in 3rd person as well, i think i still have jahrain's 3rd person animations of Link, but he hasnt gotten the 1st person done.

so anyone wanna do it for $15?

Halo CE General Discussion » co op maps Apr 19, 2010 09:25 PM (Total replies: 16)

hi, what r some good co op maps for halo ce that have high skilled ai's and nice level features? please make sure that the map can be played with other players online fighting ai's etc. thanks

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