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Yeeop, finished my map, now anyone, just an hour or so of your time, to convert it to .scenario for me to populate in sapien? If you can help out, let us know asap, or if you know of anyone willling to help, reply asap.

Yeh, its not tool, its cause im using 3ds max 2010 and exporting the map as a .3ds file into gmax 1.2 then using bluestreaks .jms exporter from there, but i cant get it into the .jms file properly, using the listener that came with chimp, or the maxscript listener in there, all i really need is to send my .3ds map to someone who knows what they are doing, and then send it back as a .jms file, or take it a step further and send a .scenario file.
but yeah, any ideas or anyone willing to lend a hand?

So i take it no one wants to assist me in this? all i need is for someone to convert it from .3ds to .scenario, using tool, as it does not want to work on my computer. I will give due credit for when it is finalised and published, just give a reply as my 3d model of the map will be finished in a few hours and i would like to start populating etc asap.

Well, as my post states, i am just creating a map, and dont have time to learn and go through the tutorial, ive tried, but failed, so anyone willing to lend an hour or however long it takes to go from 3ds to .scenario, i would be super appreciative.

Peace out

Hey guys,
For an assessment item, I have to modify a game engine, and I have chosen halo,
I used to be an avid modder using sparkedit etc, but i am new to the HEK.
Would anyone be willing to spare some time helping me out with going from a map created in gmax 1.2 to a final .map file?

I will model the map, then I need someone to convert it using tool and all that as I can not get it to work and I don't have the time to learn it.

Anyone interested in assisting, reply with your interest and we shall discuss more.
14 days max of time to do it in, so no great rush.
I would be greatfull if anyone could even get it to the .scenario file.

Peace out

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