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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Vehicle request, help, pelican. May 5, 2010 10:12 PM (Total replies: 11)

Damn good looking peli, i'm praying it has the hatch that closes when you get in, and i sure do hope it has an armed variant (I love my peli with Anvil II Missiles =D)

I checked all the forums before I posted, well a lot of them, to make sure it hasn't been done already. turns out someone has an idea for making a flyable POA, but with an interior and all. If anyone has some ideas on what they'd like in the interior of my mini-cruiser, just say.

So far, there are double sided hangars on top and bottom deck, Possible ODST bays (if it's doable, i'm sure someone made some vehicle tags already) A large central armoury, 'Bumblebee' Class Lifepods, Flag in the bridge area and some AI and Player controlled turrets (Hangar defence type thing)

I'd like to make the lifepod only have the explosive thrusters, so it kinda launches at the enemy ship and you have very limited steering (really slow turn rate) and space for brake, with low natural decelleration. I dunno how you'll land them, maybe you'll have to crash-land into the hangar or maybe have an asteroid or space platform in front of the ship with a teleporter, so you land on it and teleport inside the ship? Lifepod is useless as it is, but does anyone think they'd use it to get teammates from A to B? (If it was a really fast way of crossing a long map. I'm sure we all know what it's like flying across extinction repeatedly)

Again, a really long post, but I'd realy love to see this map made, but don't have time to learn how to mod everything and draw up a map. Thanks again for any posts

I'm at UNI 5 days a week, so i can't really spend a great deal of time learning how to use the programs for halo modding. Most of the map is really basic (I'm assuming), no major special functions. Just having two 'miniaturized' pillar of autumns broadsiding eachother (Like Boarding action, but vehicle based and a lot bigger)

I'm willing to draw full orthogonal drawings, level by level sketches, map layouts etc and explain anything that needs it. Looking for the ships to be about 3-4 levels high, with a couple hangers each and some Escape pod bays. throw in a couple of armories and maybe some turrets, nothing fancy. I'll provide full details if anyone is interested.

Also, I was wondering if it is possible to change vehicle stats easily? (the Kestrel vehicle turret can't fire backwards, which is silly, and is slower than the heavily armed Pelican, so is useless) To make some vehicles more realistic

Mainly just lifepods. I want to be able to use lifepods to fire multiple troops across to the enemy ship. Current acceleration is to slow, and i wanted something more like an explosion propulsion (like the spectres from Extinction have the CTRL boost function)

Thanks for any replies

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