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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo 5 Locke Ad Today @ 01:02 AM (Total replies: 18)

UNSC DREADNOUGHT "Bastion of Night"

A huge screen looks down upon planet Cain. Below it, pacing back and forth within the glow, is AGENT LOCKE.

"Whatfor troubles the human, Car'seth?," said an Sangheli standing by the door. "I do not know, but I dare suspect it pertains to... him." "Him?" said the Sangheili. "Yes..."

AGENT LOCKE suddenly stops. He banged on the table. "HOW?" How could he have known? That intel was Alphabravo level 9 classified material; only five people in the world even knew it existed. Five people and an AI. An AI who's long since been... No. It couldn't be.

"That's impossible," AGENT LOCKE muttered to himself. "It can't be." They'd sent agents to the wreckage to verify it themselves, and sure enough, it was nothing but a mess of metal scrap. What a waste of technology, the science officer had reported. We could have learned so much, if only things had been handled more... delicatly...

Now AGENT LOCKE was in charge. He wasn't going to let that happen again. But he hadn't expected this. Was it time already? The project isn't finished, but they might not have a choice...

He walked out of the room down to the cryo tubes. To think a heroe could have fallen this far... well, there's only one thing to be done. He types fast into the command console. Steam jets out of the cryo tube. AGENT LOCKE stands back and wipes the steam off his visor. As the figure emerges from the tube, he intones: "It's time. I've got a mission for you."

The Arbiter walks into the bridge and sees the huge screen. He zooms in, curious about what AGENT LOCKE was watching. Nothing so far... but movement to the right. He zooms in some more. Is it really? What is he doing? No... He wouldn't do that. He's a heroe.

But The Arbiter of all people knew how easy it is to be swayed by the path of evil. Perhaps it wasn't so impossible that even JOHN-117 THE MASTER CHIEF could succumb to its dark spell...

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo 5 Locke Ad Today @ 12:12 AM (Total replies: 18)

IN THE DARKNESS OF SPACE, a new threat arises -- but it is borne not from the fringes of the galaxy, but from a place much closer to home...

It is the year 2XXX. Humanity looks back to the past, back to a world of heroes and villains. But this is the future, and the future is not so simple... after all, what does it mean, to be a heroe? The world wants an icon, a beacon of hope, a symbol of light; but does it really need a heroe? What happens when the heroe becomes indistinguishable from the villain?

All eyes fall on JOHN-117 THE MASTER CHIEF, representing humanity's best and brightest... but do we know the truth? A heroe, after all, is only a few steps away from a villain. The truth is never as simple as that. To find the truth, one has to look past the heroe, into the UNSC Master Chief himself. What does it mean to be JOHN-117? What does it mean to be The Master Chief?

The Master Chief is reeling from the loss of Cortana, his one true love. Long nights inch by as he longs for the touch of her digital finger. Is this what it means to be a heroe? To fight for the freedom of the galaxy, only to lose those about whom you care the most? Nobody really knows the sacrifices a heroe must make. Nobody can understand the horror and the pain.

"But we can make them understand." "Cortana, is that you?," said JOHN-117, clutching at the air. "John, I know how much you've sacrificed," he heard whispered through his Mk. VII O.R.C.A. subspace nanocommunications receptor. It couldn't be...

"They call me a heroe," said The Master Chief, "but I couldn't do anything to save you." The light of the campfire glints off his visor... a passerby might mistake it for a teardrop. "Am I really a heroe? If all my fighting only hurts the ones I love, aren't I really just a villain?" He didn't expect an answer. Master Chief didn't believe in ghosts.

"What does it matter what they think," came the whisper. "I know that the JOHN-117 I loved fought only for freedom and justice." "But they won't understand," said The Master Chief. "We can make them," came the whisper. "We can make them know the meaning of sacrifice. The meaning of what it means to be a heroe."

"You know what to do."

The Master Chief, JOHN-117, got up and shed his cloak. His path was now clear. The world is no longer a world of heroes and villains. It is a battle of grey vs. grey, and in that kind of world, what does it matter who you fight for? There was only one way to show the world what it meant to be a heroe -- and that was to show them what it meant to be a villain...

Quote: --- Original message by: UGoBoom
(Marine Plasma Pistol)... Shoots flood-gunk-like projectiles

you guys are adorable sometimes

Quote: --- Original message by: SilentBlade
Will there be a DMR among the source files as well.

at a minimum, every tag that is in tsc:e will be available in the source release

Quote: --- Original message by: austen1000

I'm wondering why you guys decided to make the Carbine (or Auto-Carbine) full auto?
Edited by austen1000 on Mar 14, 2015 at 07:17 PM


There are two things that are going into it.

Thing 1: I tried my best to give every gun an additional "secondary mechanic," which isn't necessary to make use of in order to kill guys, but significantly improves the weapon's effectiveness if applied. Examples include: Needler supercombine, BR vs. Grunt helmets, controlling AR accuracy, etc.

Thing 2: BR's ease-of-use and anti-Grunt-helmet aspects make it very suited to vs. light units. To retain a distinct advantage (and consequently maximize the amount of guns player wants/is likely to use), Carbine needs something that lets it out-do the BR in other compositions.

The solution was actually taken from a prototype Focus Rifle-alike whose DPS increased as the trigger was held. But -- not only did the prototype unfortunately come out too janky and buggy thanks to unsurmountable engine limitations, the loss of the very tactilly satisfying headshot carried too great a risk of making BR appear disproportionately attractive to players, who would then ignore any long-range gun other than the BR and wonder why it wasn't working in situations it wasn't meant to be optimal in. ("what happened to the prototype" stay tuned for the TSC:E source release!)

Instead, the same principle (increased damage by holding trigger on a target) was straightforwardly applied to the Carbine through rate-of-fire acceleration. This carries a much less significant advantage vs. the weak units (where the shots/kill is low enough that the accel doesn't really do anything), allowing BR to keep its own territory; but Brutes and particularly Elites -- who can eat a lot of shots -- can be taken down a good bit more quickly with effective Autocarbine usage, giving it more of a reason to exist.

Quote: --- Original message by: Zetren
What is Depth Fade in the F7 settings?

you may have seen this referred to in other engines as "soft particles." essentially, it causes particle instances to fade out as they intersect a surface (or the camera), rather than ending in a hard cutoff. for example:

on the left is with this disabled, on the right is enabled. it's a subtle effect when taken in isolation, but it really adds up when you have all this fire and smoke and etc floating in the air, I think

E: "how do I do this" the OS 4.0 adds an extension block to .particles and .particle_systems allowing you to specify the distance (in world units) over which this fade occurs
Edited by Ifafudafi on Mar 10, 2015 at 04:25 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: Danger_zone_98
when are u gona relaese this cmt cmon its been ages plz

sorry its cancelled :(

stay tuned for the pillar of autumn: revolved [h4style] in 2019 after cmt dies again and gets resurrected again and dies one more time and then gets resurrected one more time and

Quote: --- Original message by: SS Flanker
Ifa. Can we have some new particle fx tutorials?

And maybe an update on your new findings to the reference guide?

the tsc:e source release will give you all the fx examples you will ever need. "tutorials" for that kind of thing are hard to do usefully; the actual process is pretty simple, and keeping up what things do what is what the reference guide is for. the hard part is getting a feel for the rhythm, timing, and scale -- that's not something that can be taught, only slowly learned by example and considerable practice.

I'll look through the guide before it's all over and see if there are enough holes to warrant an update

Quote: --- Original message by: General_101
Please stop working on Halo entirely and get out while you have your sanity.


Quote: --- Original message by: TailsTheGamer
Quote: --- Original message by: WWLinkMasterX


you guys have no idea how nail-bitingly exciting this is for me to watch

Quote: --- Original message by: WWLinkMasterX
It might be necessary for some though. I'm going to use those to get the pistol now, thanks!

it is not necessary for any of them

we couldn't tie camera into cheat detection because A. we can't detect a command like debug_camera_save/load being entered, B. camera_control isn't readable. a couple of elaborate systems to work around this were considered but dropped due to potential to interfere elsewhere

if you get a secret through camera teleportation you are cheating. please be a good sport and reach things legit

a final fun hint: if the pistol you find is not gold, you have not found the gold pistol

Quote: --- Original message by: WWLinkMasterX
how many golden guns are there?

since a few have been found already, I think it's not giving away too much to say that there is a hidden gold counterpart for every weapon in the map

Quote: --- Original message by: RabbitFood
I'm at the big hallway with the *SPOILER ALERT*, and I have no idea how to get past that.

it's much simpler than you think

the compass points north

the letter indicates the direction the wielder is currently facing

do you think we'd mess up a navigational feature in a level called "silent cartographer" ??
Edited by Ifafudafi on Mar 3, 2015 at 11:49 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: TailsTheGamer
Another easter egg/how to get it as well as a large lvl skip.

I like how this Speed run skip still kinda exists. Just very different.

Similar though but different.

Pretty much a spoiler of an Easter Egg.


I can pretty safely say that absolutely nobody expected you to get there in that way

I love watching this stuff. this is really cool stuff.

Quote: --- Original message by: Ubermaniac
Wasn't their supposed to be armour abilities?


Edited by Ifafudafi on Mar 3, 2015 at 01:38 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: RabbitFood
I take it you don't mean in the Halo:CE readme, because I've checked that.

tsc:e readme

to spare everyone: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6798 is the 1.10 patch. if in doubt, run this after a fresh custom edition install

Quote: --- Original message by: RabbitFood
Do I have to download the patch or is it on autopatch?

I had to download it manually, so if you haven't done that you might want to give it a shot

There's a link to it in the readme if you can't find it easily on the website

Quote: --- Original message by: Zetren
Found a typo in the pdf.. "master cheif"

this is not a typo

we did it, guys

Quote: --- Original message by: Spawn
I know that TSC:E and SPV3 are different things, but do any of them share the same tags/are going to share the same tags?

if by "tags" you just mean any of them, both projects share most art assets (models, textures, effects, hud, etc.), with a few minor stylistic deviations (like the BR display). the source release will include everything that TSC:E uses, which is the vast majority of currently-extant CMT content (that isn't scenario-specific)

the main differentiating factor tag-wise is gameplay behavior (i.e. weapon, vehicle, character tag values). for hopefully obvious reasons, the TSC:E source release won't include the SPv3 versions of this stuff

as an extra bonus though, the TSC:E source release will most likely include at least some of the prototype stuff that's near-fully functioning but never made it into the map; otherwise it'll just sit there on our hard drives wasting away forever and that's no fun

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