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Joined: Jul 24, 2010 12:37 AM
Last Post: Oct 24, 2010 08:17 PM
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Location: Eau Claire, WI
Your Age: 18
What Games do you play: TF2, UT3, SC2, CS:S, HCE

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Halo CE General Discussion » Project Epsilon Release Oct 24, 2010 08:17 PM (Total replies: 114)

Quote: --- Original message by: Advancebo
your a 2010'er, your argument is invalid.

Oh yay, E-Peen fight.

Edited by sdavis117 on Oct 24, 2010 at 08:20 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE3 2010 Live Jul 24, 2010 12:51 AM (Total replies: 595)

Quote: --- Original message by: KappaLocust
So thoughts (Not if you were a troll or got banned, ehem Limited, Grunts or Dee)

The stream started off bad, we realized. Bullet said when the stream restarted it was better.
So, did it drag on? Was their to much bad content? To many trolls in the chatroom? Streaming quality was unstable? (Obviously not because even the trolls stayed to watch the whole thing)
Not enough content?

The whole show was an unprofessional mess, that was the problem. You guys immediately started on a low note with the god awful joke of a trailer, and then went "Oh, we knew it was bad, but we were short on time." Well guess what, maybe you should have made it earlier if you were crunched on time. Saying you had too little time to make a trailer for something YOU scheduled yourself is hardly an excuse. And even if it was, then you did not NEED to show it. There was no obligation for a trailer, much less a bad one. Some text would have honestly been fine to advertise this event if you guys could not make a simple commercial that did not suck.

The unprofessional way you handled your stream itself is another point. Dee did a better job making a location for people to easily watch and discuss your stream then you guys, the organizers of the event, did. A link to the UStream page itself is hardly professional. Taking 5 minutes to right some god awfully simple HTML to make the show watchable is something you should have done, Dee did it, and you guys banned him for it.

The unprofessional ways you handled the content comes to mind too. You blame the community for the content, but it was YOUR show for YOU to approve and disapprove content. If you felt it sucked, then CUT THE CONTENT. It's easy, highlight the video file for said content and press the delete button. Bam! Done. Blaming the community for YOUR show is hardly the way to do things. And when someone with actually GOOD content came around for an interview at the time YOU scheduled, you blew him off and arrived two hours late, with the excuse that you had to hang out with your friend. And you did that THREE TIMES. YOU scheduled the interview, it is disrespectful at best for you to not show up for the interview that YOU scheduled. I wonder how much content was sent to your but was never shown because of the stunts YOU pulled.

Your general attitude was unprofessional, the quality of the parts YOU made of this "expo" were unprofessional, the entire thing was a piece of [unprofessional content] that stank up the entire room. Your conduct and attitude towards this expo are what ruined it, not the community. You are not one who is in a position to delegate the blame here.

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