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I used HEK+ to extract the tags from coldsnap.

I didn't find the biped.
I found the folder: ncyborg though, but all it contained was:
shaders folder
shield.lite file

But I added the item collection and linked it to the c4's .weapon.

As for the other tags, I can't help it if guerrilla shows up with red text, and I try to correct the red text but I can't find the correct tag it's looking for.

Also, I need a better explanation of what you mean on:
Quote: globals.globals needs the exact right amount on the weapon and vehicle pallete, not more, not less.

Halo CE General Discussion » ZOMBIE HELP! Aug 10, 2010 04:22 AM (Total replies: 24)

On the contrary, the =CE= server runs a zombie map: cmt_snow_grove on Halo CE.
We're also thinking of doing ambry_ce as the next zombie server. Not 100% yet though.

All right thanks!
Didn't know you had to rig it.

How do I convert those into tags?

For starters I am unable to add many multiplayer bipeds.
When I open the tags that come with them in Guerrilla there are spots with red text in them
and as I go through fixing them, some seem to be missing tags in the .zip.

Here's an example:

When I compile it in tool, I get errors.
I noticed that most of the errors come from the energy sword folder.

And yes, I edited the global.globals file.

This is the same problem with some weapon tags as well.

My last problem comes from tiamats C4 tag.
I was able to add it into my map successfully, however, when I go over it.....nothing happens.
It doesn't come into my inventory.

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