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... are you serious? all my problems have been solved! Now I can sleep soundly!... -.- like I said, before I used to play on my other comp just fine, not in the whole year I played have I ever experienced lag where I see players and vehicles moving fine but bullets and greandes being thrown are delayed. Please actually try to help me instead of being a moron -.- good day sir, still awaiting ACTUAL HELP.

heylo, ever since I got my new computer which is even faster then my old, whenever I am in game (Halo Custom Edition) everything is delayed. When I press the throw grenade button, his arm moves synchronized to when i pressed it, however the grenade appears flying about 1 or 2 seconds after his arm goes down, not what it should do which my old comp did which was all synchronized with throwing the grenade as soon as his arm started coming down. Whenever I shoot theres no delay, but I can tell the other characters receiving the bullets after I shoot since there armor barely glows and if i shoot a rocket they die 1 or 2 seconds later. It's rlly annoying me and how am i supposed to play when it takes like 2x longer to kill sum 1 on top of that if they move while im perfectly aimed at them, I think they dodge it -.-. can someone plz help me, that or I could do the harder way and plug in my old computers harddrive here >>.

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