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Halo CE General Discussion » I hate aimbots Nov 14, 2010 10:24 AM (Total replies: 155)

Yes, aimbots are annoying. Agreed. You know what else is annoying, though? People who wrongly accuse good players of aimbotting. They come across someone who is better than them, and since they can't fathom how anyone could genuinely be that skilled, they immediately chalk it up as aimbotting and then berate the person in chat for the entire game. Judging by the tone of some of the posts in this thread, it wouldn't surprise me at all if multiple people in here are guilty of making false accusations. If you honestly think there is an aimbotter in every game of CE you play, you are most likely guilty of this.

I get called a botter pretty much every time I play, despite the fact that I've never used an aimbot in my life. I used to catch aimbotters and maintain a list of them, in fact. This was years ago on the [HIV] forums and server. Some of you may be remember this. We did it the right way. We obtained undeniable evidence by sightjacking players. We recorded the proof, banned them, and then posted the video on our forum, along with the player's hash so other server admins could ban them as well if they so chose.

That's the proper way to detect an aimbotter. Screaming "botter!" when someone gets a few headshots on you which you think are impossible to legitimately get is not evidence. Just because you aren't able to do it does not mean it's impossible for someone else. Unless you sightjack someone and see the proof that way (snapping to heads through map geometry, among other things), you have no right to accuse anyone. You have to sightjack someone in order to get undeniable evidence of aimbotting. Period.

Also, to deathraider555: I suggest you look up the phrase "ad hominem" and why it has no place in a logical or proper discussion. Constantly calling your debate opponents "idiots", "stupid", and other similar things does a great disservice to the quality of your argument. You'd be doing yourself a huge favor if you dropped that stuff and learned how to debate/discuss in a logical, proper, and respectable manner.
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