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Interests: Making the next Halo game
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General Machinima Discussions » Project Echo: New Forge Jan 30, 2011 09:23 PM (Total replies: 1)

For about a three months after the release of Halo: Reach we, the Halo Community, have made all kinds of paradice and havoc in the most beloved tool to us Forgers, you guessed it,

Forge. If someone made a list of all the maps that have been made it would list to over 5 million. 5 million is a big number, and that is with the tools we have. In the great many words to

come in this forum post is the idea of a brand new way to create. Well, just an improved way to create. I ask you, the Halo Community and hopefully the makers of the next Halo game,

to review this list and it's contents and bring us a new heaven.

I begin my tyraid of requests with requests from me, from my friends, and those from the Bungie.net community as to what should be available in the next Forge.

1. Bring back the Elephant

2. Forge pieces that match the terrain. No more having a silver brick on a brown rock.

3. Pelicans (if not, a flyable vehicle with 5 or more seats)

4. Vehicles that match color schemes with the surrounding terrain

5. Bring back vehicles from all of the past Halo games (campaign vehicles for Machinima) (also include turretless vehicles) (vehicle skins, too)

6. Change the total color of a Forge piece

7. Make water a safe area for the making of underwater bases, air pockets, and have the water a little more transparent for underwater play.

8. Forge pieces of all genre (human and Covenant buildings and structures) (furniture would be great for Machinima)

9. Campaign weapons

10. Ladders, more lights, ammo crates, street pieces, doors, remote switches

11. The ability to set time and weather without using special effects (as in set with a menu)

12. Larger budget and more inventory

13. An armor ability that allows the user to swim on the surface of water or a few meters under

This ends my rant on the requests from abroad. Now, we get into the makings of this new installment.

Me and a close friend of mine have devised a DLC free way of doing this. We would like to follow in the footsteps of the Halo 3: ODST disk format (Campaign and some small
features on one disk, and the massive stuff on it's own disk). But for the plans of what goes on what disk, we need to discuss the levels themselves to figure out what would go where.

The list of new Forge levels is small, but what it contains should be match enough to Halo: Reach.

"Brazilla" is a small to medium sized map with a biosphere similar to that of the human Amazon. Populated rainforest with rain and marsh, temples from an ancient civilization, and a
large waterfall plumiting hundreds of feet to the river below.

"Beachhead" is a medium sized map that is a remake of the famous beaches of Normandy. Not the battle grounds, but the cliffs and actual beaches. For Forge, there should be plenty
of space in the water and also a traditional bunker looking over the beach. With the cliff they should tower about two hundred feet up, and at the base should be a cave to challenge any

"Coldsnap" is a large island level that is cold as ice, surrounded by freezing waters. Large ice beaches and snow plains and a large snow covered mountain in the middle. In this mountain is a hidden secret: a large system of Forerunner tunnels leading in and out of the mountain and possibly a large inner cavern fit for air battles, under ground.

"Harvest" is a level off the infamous planet Harvest from the book Halo: Contact Harvest. Instead of being battle torn like in Halo Wars, it should be as it was before the Covenant took control. This level is large, full of rolling hills and prairies, some trees here and there, and some good old rustic colony buildings. Out in the distance you could see one of the Jotun cultivator vehicles doing it's work, intimidating the little players as they hunt eachother down in the tall grass.

"Sandburrow" is nothing but sand, sand, sand, and you guessed it, Forerunner towers and artifacts. Large expanses of sand and dotting the distance are extremely tall towers, buried already as to prevent entry. Scattered along the landscape are random caves full of semi operatable Forerunner complex. When you look up you will see the walls of the sand bowl caving up around you as to prevent escape.

"Chicago" Chicago Chicago, the great northern city. Full of the Jotun company buildings and military technology testing grounds, this city is big big big. Apartments ready to hold families, highways ready for traffic, and businesses ready for business, this city is fit for the most adventurous of players. With 150 story buildings protecting the ancient Sears Tower, players are bound to get lost in this city scape.

Now these levels might sound very appealing, or for a lack of sophisticated words bigger than the word "sophisticated", heart stoppingly awe inspiring, but there is one more creation I have been saving up for a finale: Project Echo

We all know Forge World, green canyons, islands, quaries, plateaus, and plenty of water. What if we had more.

We all know there are seven Halos in the Halo universe, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, and Gamma, and the stories of these Halos is pretty much the same. Well, Delta was destroyed and replaced and destroyed again, Gamma was infected by the flood, but what about Beta, Charlie, Echo and Foxtrot?

Echo is the one I picked because its name rings of an empty space, a template of all terrains, the Master Template of Forging, the Heaven of us all. Echo is a large empty space containing all the biomes of snow, desert, grassland, mountain range, and ocean. All of this is arranged in a gigantic square. Taking the four quadrants are the snow, desert, grassland, and ocean terrains. In the middle is what connects them all. The mountain range has the mountainst similar to the Rockies on Earth, except the mountains blend in with the quadrant it borders. Snow mountains, grass and rock covered mountains, barren mountains, and finally the mountains end in a cliff, falling down into the deep waters. All of this in one large map.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The only problem with all of this is disk space. But you remember that multidisk plan I had? Here is where it comes into play. Forge on one disk, and everything else on the other disk.

It's simple, but it should work, I mean, look at the Halo Multiplayer Experiance and ODST AND Halo 3: The HME and Halo 3 both used the same codes for achievements and customization. Forge on one disk, the maps made are saved on the hard drive, and then loaded on the campaign/multiplayer disk. This might cause problems with load times or the hassle of disk swapping, but I am certain this will work.

Here is where I ask you, the Halo Community and the new makers of Halo, to step up and make it happen. Me and my friends have been waiting for this to happen, and now I think this is the time to make it happen.

Time: Mon February 24, 2020 4:40 PM 172 ms.
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