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Halo CE General Discussion » Im gonna be "that guy" Nov 13, 2016 11:18 PM (Total replies: 22)

I mean, it's been a while, but i'd be more than happy to reinstall sapien and do this if it had the blessing of both teams.. i could use a hobby as of late. my intention would be to keep gameplay the same as the original lumoria (if only because it would be easier) but i'd have no idea how to get things like the rocket hog working or the vehicle emp sections.

Quote: --- Original message by: DaLode
Higuy is speaking for himself here.
No "official" blessing was ever given on behalf of the team, nor is it needed.

The Lumoria project was a rather messy one in terms of tags, and it was on the very limit of allowed tagspace due to its sloppy organisation. I believe Masterz had already done some basic attempt at OS'ifying Lumoris, but ran into some troubles that would require some overhauls and eventually didn't bother to continue with it (can't blaim him). The details elude me, and I'm too lazy to look them up.

Another matter that complicates things is that the original development setup is gone, the only way to mod Lumoria is to use an uncommented, unstructured version of the scripts, together with a ripped project via HEK+ or whichever tool is used for that nowadays.

^ didnt see this post, that is more the answer i was expecting
Edited by roviet1337 on Nov 13, 2016 at 11:21 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Im gonna be "that guy" Nov 4, 2016 02:39 AM (Total replies: 22)

Out of humble curiosity, I would like to ask why nobody has done the following yet:
a Lumoria mod with CMT assets.

I know they are different teams (which were often at odds, frequently entertainingly so) and I realize its not likely ever going to happen but hear me out on this. As a long time Halo fan, CE as a whole really was one of the coolest communities, whether it was here or other sites with the exception of the all too common troll, this community has spawned some truly impressive works of art. As a CE fan, every person I introduce this game to or that ever sees me playing it I always recommend Lumoria and SPV3 to them. I know that is cliche, but I remember posting in these threads and following their development with nothing short of zealous fan-boyishness. And from this amazing community comes a tale of 2 mods: one with stunning visuals and good gameplay, and the other with stunning gameplay and OG visuals. I'm not naive enough to request this, but I am curious as to why nobody has combined this for the best of both worlds? We used to get a h3, hr, cmt mod on every single map that came out thanks to our.. "latino" community (you know who you are :P), how come nobody has made a lumoria mod with CMT visuals? Is there a tag space issue? Did TM or CMT expressly forbid it?

Just curious, think it could turn out really cool even if gameplay was not altered.

<3 Basic B---- fan boy of yesteryear

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Jul 8, 2016 10:48 PM (Total replies: 12124)

well closure is closure, just gonna miss bump possession for changing marine's weapons

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Jul 7, 2016 05:19 PM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
Quote: --- Original message by: tanju77
Just finished this amazing mod..dunno why is it getting so much hate.

Anyway guys, I found a way to enable cheats without crashing the game-

1)kickout spv3a10.yelo from your maps dictionary
2)manually load spv3a05
that's it! now you can easily enable cheats..however the game gets buggy, so be prepared for crashes.
Also I found another glitch- sometimes, the gold sword commander elite manages to enter past the blast doors and can kill the marines and also follow you. It followed me till the bridge.

Technically, you should be able to do that from anywhere as it is a global variable... wouldn't matter which map you were on or not. Although I'd think the scripts that close the game should cause it to close even if the cheat is active at start....

ehh still no luck for me, as masters said, scripts still close the game. followup question: if someboyd were inclined enough, could those scripts be removed? or do we not have access to that?

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Jun 28, 2016 07:41 PM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Zetthefourth
Can I just add; Blind Wolves are a farce and should be removed immediately unless thoroughly revamped. Ugly textures. Ugly animations. Heck why not AT LEAST add an idle animation where they chew grass or something, otherwise they just hop around waiting to get shot by a twat marine.

yeah wolves sure like to eat grass.. @Masterz1337, im not sure if anybody has asked, but i am curious as to why you opted to break cheats? i have beat legendary and am chugging my way thru noble (which is sufficiently difficult omg) but the most fun i've ever had has been bump possessing ai to make them invisible or carry different weapons, teleport vehicles where they definitely shouldnt go etc. so im just curious: is there any way (or dev trainer) i can get those hours of endless fun to work on the current mod? and yes i am fully aware these cheats can and frequently do crash the game, but i figure if you beat a level on the highest difficulty, one should have a right to ef around.. just curious

thornbeast as well at some point?
and with windows 10, for long tunnel portions on aotcr where you couldnt add ai, add dialogue! windows 10 cortana can be tricked into saying just about anything so use that to your advantage, record it and add it as something story related!
Edited by roviet1337 on Jun 28, 2016 at 07:44 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Feb 2, 2015 03:01 AM (Total replies: 12124)

may have been asked already but a dynamic lightmaps a thing we are going to see on your releases? i know evolved is doing it and it looks cool but is it something you are going to invest the time in doing for your maps?

When this releases, would it be too much to ask for the .scenario files? Mostly because I'm lazy, but also just to view how you did he work you have done.

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Dec 23, 2014 03:37 AM (Total replies: 12124)

so i know its ridiculous sounding but.. i always wanted to see/fight a grunt wielding a brute shot. ever since they cowered behind you as the arbiter in halo two i thought it would be so cool to see a grunt ultra who'd worked his way up the ranks and had a brute shot. if its too much to rig then meh, but thats something i think would be neat

also far far too late to ask for this but am i the only person who loathes the black and yellow scheme of the rocket hog? it has an awesome model but i honestly think it looks toyish in a world of bad ass awesomeness. like hey checkout this awesome military spectacle.. and now check out its derpy brother who looks like a reverse tonka truck.. maybe its just me but id keep it green and smexy looking

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Oct 27, 2014 02:45 AM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: rcghalohell

AR needs to be sped up slightly... its a small clip with a low ROF
Edited by rcghalohell on Oct 27, 2014 at 02:02 AM

im not trying to start any arguments but why is everybody on this forum hating on the things i love about what they have done to the mod... ar is awesome that way, it starts slow and speeds up.. remind anyone of any other well received and beloved cmt guns... (ma5k) this brings back the fun of that gun.. EVERY version of the ar IN THE WHOLE HALO SERIES has been bland. now it actually has a custom behavior and nope nobody likes it except me..

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Oct 27, 2014 12:51 AM (Total replies: 12124)

a few other positive notes, the needler is actually an intimidating weapon i feel like the player should actually fear a grunt with one. as for the particle carbine, i LOVEE the "pew pew" sound of it! sounds fantastic. gravity nade sounds phenomenal and i think it actually appeared well balanced. cant wait for it on the low grav POA missions.. pull a brute from halfway cross the map..

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Oct 26, 2014 03:05 AM (Total replies: 12124)

props to your sound guy all the stuff from the sniper to the grenades sound phenomenal! also i was under the impression that the cmt version of silent cartographer was using the evolved bsp.. looks great in its current state but is that an older build or is that the spv3 version as it was intended?

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo 2: Anniversary runs at 1328x1080 Oct 11, 2014 01:51 AM (Total replies: 37)

well so im no genius. but it seems the logical thing to do would be... (wait for it) ... run the remastered at full res, and (heres where things get crazy) run the original at lower res. my laptop runs halo 2 vista @ 1080p and 60fps. with NO lag. granted i have a quad core i7 (2.4ghz per core) and a 1gb ddr5 (4500mhz) radeon card clocked @ 775mhz built in but thats compared to the xbox one's octacore 1.75ghz amd chipset and 8gb ddr3 (2133mhz) im no math wiz, but that hardwaree should be able to render 4+ games @ full 1080p simultaneously and not have a problem. all that being said, WHO CARES. the game is above 720 it will look phenomenal anyways why is everyone so butthurt about it

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Oct 6, 2014 03:17 AM (Total replies: 12124)

couple things: in regards to the purple, i personally think its fine. ifffff its gonna be changed due to complaints, my advice would be to change it to the halo 3 purple and gold theme of covenant. they used alot of gold hexagons that worked well. an example is the interior/exterior structures of snowbound etc.. between os' bloom, and the already high contrast of that interior, gold/yellow flooring would compliment the purple walls. i had done a texmod of it a while back, i may be able to find the screenshots to give you a taste of what that looks like but im sure if you asked for it dano would know what im talking about
Edited by roviet1337 on Oct 6, 2014 at 03:20 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Oct 2, 2014 10:10 PM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Infinite Guardian
That is what I like about Halo, I remember beating Pillar Of Autumn with only with an Assault Rifle, nothing else.

well, you say that.. but vanilla halo youd've had to melee with a pistol... to even get to the ar.. so... /endhaloknowitallism

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 29, 2014 12:23 AM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
It's yet to be decided, many cheats make SPV3 unstable and can crash the game, bump possession being one of those. So you won't be able to use it anyway.

Okay I understand why, I remember bump possessing a brute from spv2 and falling thru the map(except in one place) but how do you plan to turn them off? I mean you can bump possess even in mp (not very well) so I guess my real question is how? And followup, why would you care? (Not tryna sound ignorant) I mean if you're worried about it breaking the game the cheater in question should be aware that its an eventuallity if they stray too far. On a quick side note, love what you have planned with loadouts, for d30 ( only cuz I don't know the layout of it vs other maps) could you make it a weapon set your character has to walk up and pick up then spawn into the intro cutcene or would that be too much work? (If you need clarification lemme know)

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 28, 2014 03:18 AM (Total replies: 12124)

will cheats be enabled? "oh you cheat?" "thats dumb" your a cheater" "you suck" ... get it out of ur system. the ones i want are bump_possession and teleport to camera. i like to explore after beating it, and i like to be able to choose what weapons my ai use. so if possible will you enable? i understand if noble wont allow but others please?

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 25, 2014 12:09 AM (Total replies: 12124)

on the dialogue note, masters idk if you guys had plans for it but i think you should commit to either english speaking covenant or alien.. so as much as you hate it, use reach's brute vioces or make custom ones from scratch... if you need people i know some good voice actors that'd do it for free

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 24, 2014 04:30 AM (Total replies: 12124)

can ragdoll physics be modified in os? if so will you consider altering them for SPV3?

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 4, 2014 11:50 PM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Arteen
Halo 1 has a simple story but the world-building is fantastic.

Halo 2 is a mess.

Halo 3's story is okay, but most of it feels like filler and the conclusions to both the Covenant and the Flood are unsatisfying.

ODST is a bit lacking, but it's easily carried by its great cast of characters.

Halo Wars is campy fun.

Reach has easily the worst story and characters and it's full of nonsense.

Halo 4 is dumb.

H1: agree, awesome title, fun to explore
H2: messy, but took the "mystery" of halo to a whole other level
h3: easily my least favorite, felt like a rushed cleanup of the mess they made of halo 2, but introduced very cool lighting effects.
odst: a pov from non chief units in the halo universe, cool concept, but ultimately very lacking.
hr: dont understand all the hate.. easily my second favorite halo title. sticks to my favorite portion of halo: fighting covenant. also was visually (my opinion) UNTOUCHABLE by ANY other halo title since or prior. a very realistic, immersive, beautiful and grungy visual theme with attention to detail on everything from the sky to the the first person hands. consistent visuals fun gameplay, albeit contradictory (insert masters' opinion of it here) and slightly linear. still very fun to play and still my favorite
h4: storywise, very cool direction, poor execution. visually painful. too much hate from del rio. poor cutscenes when characters speak.. there are volumes of things that are supposed to be shared by character interactions which i simply didnt get. visually painful.
also visually painful. good attention to detail... up until the end of your gun. fp arms, legs, guns and spartans are okay. the rest. painful. ever try zooming in on a skybox? painful. such good art lowrezed to make it look like garbage. also the intorduction of green to covenant was the most appaling thing ive seen and excessive and poor use of bloom. gameplay and story id give it an 8. the visuals are in my opinon leagues behind reach which was 3 years behind it..

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