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Yeah man, actually I'm looking for some more writers cause otherwise it'd take forever to get this done if I'm the only writer.

And so far the maps I've used / plan to use:
Innerpoa (Will use again, but you don't need to dl it), Ambush (Might use again), Green screen (Might use again), Blood gulch (Will definitely use)

I might mod blood gulch, or some other map. if I do, I'll put the link up.

cant possibly see why. the only problem im having is the script writing, feels good at the time but later it seems like it sucks.

can always mod maps myself to change character models, etc.

so, why would it suck?

Oh, sorry, could've mentioned that.
it's supposed to be set soon after the Iraq war

(This movie has nothing to do with halo, i mainly just like the idea of using halo as a filming tool.)

General Machinima Discussions » Project RECON Feb 19, 2011 03:12 PM (Total replies: 38)

I think I get it, actually. Pretty good idea, just as long as you define the line in the movie between spartans and recon soldiers.

I've come to learn that halo movies and such don't need to use all of the same concepts that halo provides, just halo is a great tool for filming, basically.

Wazzap! I'm planning on making a halo CE movie/machinima (Haven't fully written the script yet), and would like your opinions or even if you want to pitch in and do something like voice acting or to play as a halo character, be my guest!

Basically in the movie (Can't reveal too much or someone might steal my idea -.- lol), there's a project built by the u.s gov to launch missiles at targets recognized in the database. And of course there's one idiot in the movie who wants to use it to destroy the earth...

I'm probably gonna have to mod some maps to get the scenes right.

Any ideas/suggestions/etc?


PS: Strict rules, I don't think I broke one but if I did I'll delete this topic. I know this would be breaking a rule on..some other forums, which is why i didn't post it there.

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