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I have never in my history of editing pc games had a worse experience then with halo custom edition tools.

On my vista machine Sapien wouldn't work. On my windows 7 machine, it does. On my vista machine Hek+ worked. On my 7 machine, it doesn't.

Hek+ will not extract map files, even ones I downloaded so I can edit them. I've tried everything. Run as admin, changed aero, everything. Every time I try to extract stuff I get the MSCORLIB error

I can edit san andreas with no problems, but not this game.

I think I hate the people who made this game and it's editors...

I would, but I shouldn't have to. I build every set mod I need for my fallout 3 series.

For example... I made all these set modifications myself. Not the mods, but I set up all the visual scenery.


It took.... a while to do.

Nah I think I give up. It's not going to work no matter what I do.

I've tried several maps and every setting there is and it's the same result every time. I can't keep wasting time on something that doesn't work.

Sad. I really wanted to work with this game but the software is simply not cooperating. Oh well.

03.03.11 14:49:16 sapien pc ----------------------------------------------
03.03.11 14:49:16 reference function: _write_to_error_file
03.03.11 14:49:16 reference address: 401b13
03.03.11 14:49:16 Couldn't read map file './sapienbeta.map'
03.03.11 14:49:16 CreateDevice succeeded with refresh rate = 0
03.03.11 14:49:16 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.
03.03.11 14:49:16 Increasing sound decompression buffer size to 1048576 bytes
03.03.11 14:49:34 the meter definition ui\hud\cyborg shield does not specify a stencil bitmap group.
03.03.11 14:49:35 the meter definition ui\hud\cyborg body does not specify a stencil bitmap group.
03.03.11 14:49:41 WARNING: 1 clusters in structure_bsp levels\gtest\gtesta have no background sound or sound environment.
03.03.11 14:49:41 EAX: 0xE2C70058
03.03.11 14:49:41 EBX: 0x00000101
03.03.11 14:49:41 ECX: 0x00080000
03.03.11 14:49:41 EDX: 0x11096480
03.03.11 14:49:41 EDI: 0x0012E3D0
03.03.11 14:49:41 ESI: 0x00000000
03.03.11 14:49:41 EBP: 0x0012E2A8
03.03.11 14:49:41 ESP: 0x0012E298
03.03.11 14:49:41 EIP: 0x77525CA4, C3 8D A4 24 ?????
03.03.11 14:49:41 EXCEPTION halt in \halopc\haloce\source\tag_files\tag_groups.c,#3157: #-1 is not a valid object_function_block index in [#0,

that's a no go. Vista just turns the files read only again after i apply the change. Running as an admin seems to make things worse.

I am 90% about to give it up...

I've tried absolutely everything. Windows classic, compatability, affinity... nothing is working. It still opens for a second and then vanishes.

Hobo does the same thing.

Yes, I AM using custom edition. I swear...

As I edited my post...

Sapien simply will not load anything. It starts and then the window just disappears or I get that error message no matter where the files are.

Yeh, that's the problem. I'm extracting to that folder but the files aren't showing up there.

It's either the software, or windows friggin' vista.

Personally I tend to blame microsoft for all my problems in getting this junk to work.

I've tried everything, inclduing extracting the files to a desktop folder and then moving them, and sapien still will not open files. I've tried several maps.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I can't pinpoint what.
Edited by Anarchist86ed on Mar 3, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Yeah, I know that part and I did find a scenario file in the extracted files but sapien says "you tried to open a non-scenario tag. Bad!"
Edited by Anarchist86ed on Mar 2, 2011 at 03:58 PM

Well now Sapien crashes instantly when I try to load a scenario. It starts, then the window just vanishes on me.

I also can't seem to create scenario files with Hek+.

Ah, what fun...

Ah, yes, my old friend desktop composition. I had some vista update months ago that disabled pretty much every older game and piece of software I had until I clicked desktop composition.

Sometimes the most obvious solutions elude you.

Ok, now that that's working.

I have one other MAJOR thing I need a solution to and can't find the answer anywhere.

I've seen in some videos the spartan models have no weapons, and their arms are at their sides. Is there a way to accomplish this without doing some insanely complicated glitch?

Well I can tell you I can't use http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=2289

It locks up when I click on anything in the program, so apparently that's not going to be helping me at all.

Quote: Now since your a director, the most useful part out of all of this would be how to create cut-scenes. It requires that you first decompile the map with HEK+, open the scenario in sapien, place camera points, script them to work and recompile the map.

Actually I'm only going to use the debug_camera_save/load as I can't film without a camera I can control as needed. ANd I need to keep it as uncomplicated as possible.

Quote: This is just the basic gist of everything, I'm sure you have questions, for there is a lot I didn't cover. If you could please also be more specific of what you want, that would help me help you.

Well, I am not interested in building maps from scratch using 3ds max or anything like that. There are enough maps available already to use. All I really need to do is be able to add/remove objects and guns and vehicles. And manipulate weather conditions, if that's even possible.

And, do I really need to download all those programs or is there just one I can use to do everything?

Um, no, I don't need help filming or making machinima. I'm a machinima.com contracted director.

What I really need help with is something that's vital to proper filmmaking, which is map editing. I need to be able to make changes and remove objects and things like that from maps. I heard about sparkedit, but then I learned it doesn't work on Halo Custom Edition.

I can't rely on other people to make the kinds of changes and additions I need so I need to get the tools myself and learn how.

I'm aware it won't be as easy as using fallout 3's GECK.

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