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Hi didymus!

I know you sent me this question as a personal question but I though I would also post it on halomaps to help other people as well.

Sure, I will do my best to help you with your map.

Is this your own map that you created or is it a map that you are modding?

The reason I ask; is because it sounds like to me that you have moved your maps wire frame from it original position since the portals were placed. Now that the map has moved the portals are now outside of your maps wire frame.

If this is the case, moving your map back to it’s original position should fix the problem. If it does not, the next step that I would do is to delete all of the portal locations and see if that fixes the problem. Then you can go back and replace the portals for the map.

If you still can not fix it email me your max file and I will see if I can get it working for you.

You can email it to krispy1001@kp-coolstuff.com

Hi didymus!

If you would like for me to look at your map and fix it for you let Me know. You can send me an email at krispy1001@kp-coolstuff.com, or send me a personal email here at Halomaps.org.

If you would like to look at some of the maps that I have worked on; go to the search box at halomaps.org and type in krispy1001 and it will bring up all of the maps I have helped with. I have started working on maps with krispy1001 for the last couple of months.

Krispy1001 and I have also uploaded a .scenario file for all new Halo map makers to learn with. It has all of the physics for the map complete all you have to do is put in all the assets that you want in the map. Halomaps.org has not put our file up yet but they should soon.

let me know!

Hi Noobyourmom!

Usually the error “couldn’t updated edge # (red) occurs after using tessellate. Tessellating one face or group of faces will make new vertexes that are not connected to vertexes to other faces. Remember Halo’s engine requires your map to be a sealed system. That means that all vertexes have to be connected together forming the faces, or polygons that make your map. To find the errors, open your map in 3ds or gmax. Then click on the utilities icon, click on “MaxScript”, than choose whatever plugin that you used to make your jms file. Now click on a button that reads “Imort Wrl”, A navigation window will open. Navigate to the Halo CE parent folder and look for a file for you map. “Example file will look like your_map.wrl” click on it and it will import all of the errors for your map that were found while Halo CE tool structure command was ran.
Next click on “Select by name” and choose one or all of the errors in your map. That will show you were the errors are. Look for vertexes that are not connected. Delete the faces that have vertexes that are not connected, and remake the faces. Making sure to not miss any vertexes.

After all faces are remade, remake your jms files re-run the structure command and repeat process until all errors are fixed.

Let me know if you need more help.

I hope this helps.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Convert a .scenario to .map- am confused May 20, 2011 09:22 PM (Total replies: 11)

I will re-post my tutorial with pictures in a few minutes. I did not know that you had to embed the picture into the post. I cut and pasted them from Microsoft word.


Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Convert a .scenario to .map- am confused May 20, 2011 06:40 PM (Total replies: 11)

Hi Eirik!

I know you sent me the question as a personal email, but I thought as long as I am going to make a short tutorial for you on how to place vehicles in Sapien. I should go ahead and post it for everyone. Kiry_422 and UBE_Chief gave you the correct information.

There are two ways to setup vehicles to be used for Halo CE maps. The first way and the safest in my opinion is to place the vehicle in the globals.globals file, like Kirby_422 first suggested. The second is to make a script and run the script in Sapein. (I have seen problems with vehicle spawning incorrectly with this option.) The only vehicles that I script into a map are stationary vehicles like turrets. That way you do not run into the chance of having a spawning problem.)

Procedure for placing vehicles by changing the globals.globals file:

1. First thing make a backup of your globals.globals file. (This will protect you just in case you do something stupid and screw something up. “And I am not saying that just to be a but head. Believe me I have did it before and thank goodness I had a backup”
2. Open Guerilla
3. Next click on file, then click on open. Now navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags\globals. This is the location if you did a default install of Halo CE (see example image below)

4. Now Click on the globals.globals file and click on the Open button.
5. Next scroll down to about 3/4 of the way down the file and you will see a location for vehicles. This is where the six vehicles for your map is referenced. (see image below)

6. Now choose on of the existing vehicles that you want to delete to make room for your new vehicle. Highlight it and click on the “Delete” button. (see image below)

7. Next you need to add your vehicle to the list. Click on the “add” button. Now click on the “…” button . You will find this button under the add button and next to a text box. A new window will open. Navigate to where the vehicle tag is that you want to add. Click on it and click the Open button. (see image below) >>> if you don’t your script will not work. In this example I named mine laag1. (see image below)

3. next is the script. Open notepad and type in the following code. ( ONLY TYPE THE CODE BETWEEN THE /* */)
/* (script startup vehiclespawn
(object_create_anew laag1)
) */ (see image below)

4. >>>
5. Next click on file and save as., name your script with the .hsc file extension and make sure that you change the “Save as type to All files” Save the file in the new script folder that you made. if you do not your script will not work. (see image below)

6. Now open your map in Sapien and click on file then click on compile scripts. If everything went well you should see “Scripts Successfully Compiled” (see image below)

That is the end of this short tutorial.

For all of the new Halo CE mappers that are having trouble starting your first map. Krispy1001, and myself have submitted a starter map and tutorial to Halomaps.org and it should be out in the next week or so. The name of the map is “startermap1”. We are working on part two of the tutorial right now.

Thanks, Hope this helps.

Sorry I guess Halomaps.org does not allow pictures. If you would like the post with picture send me a personal email and I will send it to you.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » NEED SOME HELP HERE!!!!!! May 18, 2011 09:29 PM (Total replies: 23)

Hi smarsh556

The reason why most of the tags that are downloaded from Halomaps.org, do not work is because the creator of the tag did not take in consideration that all assets for the tag are required in the correct file hierarchy when building the tag. What do I mean you ask?

Here is an example lets say that I make a scenery tag and I use a bitmap that is in a custom folder that is not in the folder hierarchy for my tag. That means that it is not one of the default bitmaps that came with the Hek editing kit and it is not in the file structure for my tag.

So when you download my tag and try to use it, it will not work. It will give you errors in Sapien that files are missing,

So your options are: open the tag in Guerilla and see if you can correct the problem; by using assets from other tags like it. Or find a map that is not protected and use Hek + to extract the tag that is not working. Or ask one of your fellow Halo modders for help finding a working tag.

I have fixed many tags by using the assets of another tag that is like the one that I am fixing. But it would not me my first choice. I would use Hek + to extract a working tag out of a non-protected map.

Hope this helps, and good Gaming

Good Luck!

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Convert a .scenario to .map- am confused May 18, 2011 08:45 PM (Total replies: 11)

Hi Eirik

Don't let people that have bad attitudes keep you from having fun with Halo map making.
Not everyone here is like that.

Here is an easy way for you to use tool commands.

Open notepad and copy and past the lines that are between the /* */ into notepad.
rem Tool function to build map cache-file

cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition
tool build-cache-file levels\test\you map folder name\your map name

Next type the name build_map.bat in to the “File name” box
Make sure that you change the “Save as type” to All files before you save the file
Also make sure you save the batch file in the parent folder for your map.
Click Save.

This batch file will work as long as you have saved your map in the default location for Hek tools. And that you have followed the correct folder hierarchy explained in the Hek Tutorial that came with Halo CE editing kit. If you did not save your map in the path that the batch file is point to you will have to change the path to the correct location.

If you need any more help let me know.

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