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Halo CE General Discussion » A proposition to the RP community. Jun 26, 2011 10:40 PM (Total replies: 51)


That's great! Is there some way we can organize them and get a RP going on some server?

EDIT: You wouldn't happen to know anyone who could host a server, right?
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Halo CE General Discussion » A proposition to the RP community. Jun 26, 2011 10:08 PM (Total replies: 51)

Thanks for the compliment, but thats not the goal here. Me and my friend have experience in roleplaying and wanted to start an RP community to attract more serious players, we sort of need help.

Halo CE General Discussion » A proposition to the RP community. Jun 25, 2011 05:34 PM (Total replies: 51)

Hello there. A friend and I believe that the quality of Roleplaying is "dying" in a way. in terms of Roleplaying nowadays being terrible. For example: "alright evryone in the pelican after we get in the pelican we'll get hit by covenant air guns and shiz" We aim to create a better RP community for those to learn and have fun. Roleplaying SHOULD look like this: Sgt. Renolds wipes the sweat off his brow as he holds the Sniper Rifle in his hands, slightly shaking as he attempts to Aim at the Jackal Snipers on the ridge overhead." (Hell, my friend is better at RP than I am.) Before any roleplay, the owner or the leader of the RP should explain to all the players what the plot is, and what the hell they are doing. You don't want a random person to come in and be the badass spartan when there is a marine RP right?

How this RPing community we would create would work is: we would create one big community, with multiple servers applications, meetings, etc. One server would be, say for example: A server where the players would be RP as covenant, and another server where they would RP as UNSC recruits. We would create a website for all the players to apply to the group. Although there would be some ground rules so the servers won't go downhill, I've seen servers with either: players who just go in god mode and become unkillable OR players who grief the team. One section of our website would list the IPs of the servers, so the members won't be looking through the server list on the Halo: Custom Edition game. We're not gonna force you to be the pilot, commander, etc. You can be whatever you want, but there may be times when the admins may not agree with it. However, certain servers (such as the covenant server) would be passworded. Some of the servers would work through the use of mods

Our goal isn't to exclude inexperience or intermediate roleplayers. Our goal here is to improve on their skills and make the roleplaying community here much better at it. So, anyone interested?

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » A simple question for the RP community Jun 24, 2011 06:18 PM (Total replies: 3)

Hello everyone, Me and my friend have been watching this forum for a while and the community as well. We're both avid roleplayers who believe The quality of RP is declining in this community, and we wish to improve it in ways never before thought of. While the group isn't our priority currently, My friend has several ideas for Mods and scripts that can alter the roleplaying experience dedicated to Good roleplayers. What my friend's idea is is to script a Mod that can allow the player to change their in-game model, for example, a Spartan to an Elite. Is this possible? If you can give us some information, it would be much appreciated. Our main goal here is to create a Roleplaying environment that is different from others, different that it is Unique and Geared toward experienced roleplayers.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know where to put it.

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