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Joined: Jul 11, 2011 01:55 AM
Last Post: Jul 11, 2011 02:13 AM
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Interests: Halo CE, Game Maker, Concept Drawing, Music, and Machinima
Your Age: 19
What Games do you play: Halo CE, Combat Arms, MUGEN, PWO, Halo 2 (xbc)
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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » IN NEED OF ASSISSTANCE! BADLY!!! Jul 11, 2011 02:13 AM (Total replies: 1)

hello :D
I have a few issues... im a noob at this but the reason why im trying to learn this is cuz I have alot of concept art and notes on ideas Ive had for like 2 years.

1st Problem- I can get the weapons on the map but they have no ammo :( How can I give them ammo and also have them spawn replacing the default weapons?

2nd Problem
- I am working on sprint. I thought about 3 ways of getting it to work but I need to know first could I somehow script the weapons to be lowered without lowering the first person view? Can I script the flashlight as the bar for the sprint meter? and Is it possible to add a custom animation to one direction? (example sprint foward with like twice the speed but normal speed when i back up)

3rd Problem
- How can I replace the vehicles with new ones so the new vehicle tags spawn instead of the default? same goes for the weapons...

Also If ur a great 3d modeler... I need to speak with you. I have an ODST weapon I designed and need a 3d modeler. I have 3D max but :( its really annoying me.... and also the weapon is a rifle that defeats the DMR, Battle Rifle, and that tactical BR

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