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Your Age: 16
What Games do you play: halo CE halo 1 DF zombies
If your not rootn for the home team FU ARU ARU
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Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Jul 16, 2011 01:38 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo
I know how to properly model and UVW, I'm not that great at the UVWing, but I'm a quick study. I applied a UVW to the minimap, then realized that comes last, and deleted it (after some edits). The mapping coordinates and applied materials are baked in, so I just have to deal with it. The actual UVW will look much, much better. I keep the materials as they are so I (and now you) can easily discern between different IDs and areas.

As for the modeling, I have to draw a fine line between making something look nice and smooth with lots of polys and laggy as hell on multiplayer. I prefer to walk on the 'multiplayer-optimized' side of the fence. Nevertheless, if you see something in particular that looks off, please point it out. It could be something I've overlooked, or something I haven't gotten around to fixing yet, or something that will remain as-is.

Please .. making a map look too good is bad for us people useing 1999 laptops :)

when everyone sais the pirated version do they meen halo CE pirated or halo Combat Evolved pirated? and can I have multiple versions of halo custom edition on the same PC? same with halo combat evolved and if so does anyone here play halo combat evolved? hows the zombie dedicated servers im sure they have 4 they dont have a bunch of brats do they? I got my halo combat evolved rdy to be reinstalled ftw

Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » WHAT WAS THAT!!!??? Jul 12, 2011 01:10 PM (Total replies: 79)

this game is screwed up and 2d epicbumperoo of the day ;)

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