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Halo CE General Discussion » suggestoins and help Dec 20, 2011 04:35 PM (Total replies: 3)

hello there. im a new member, but have been getting maps for a while. i really enjoy the ai maps and was gonna make my own. here's the problem. i have no clue where to start. i have the whole thing in my head, but dont have a clue how to operate the program. if anyone would be kind enough to send suggestions or offer help i would appreciate it greatly. i know it's really long and will take months to make, but that's why im asking for help.

alright here's the idea. (Outpost Foxtrot)

a marine base is under attack and the outlook is not good for them.

picture a huge map (like longshaft or hugeass) and on the red side is what looks like a version of new mobassa while the blue side has a forest. blue team is the covenant and red marines. look out to the blue side one will see 2 capital ships (which can be explored) and a fleet of covenant cruisers (sernery tags).

red team (ai wait for "orders")
once reached the ai go to work. the marines hop in hogs of all sorts (rocket, missel, gauss, chain, transport), there's a tank column that rolls out and at least 3 pelicans packed ODST. once the ai reach a certian point, those in the transport hogs pile out and the pelicans land to unload. the pelicans fly around and strafe the covenant. if you go the back of the settelment/base you can find a hanger with 2 dracos, 4 pelicans (loaded with weapons), 5 hornets, 10 wasps and 2 pelicans each with carrying a heavy scorpion tank. on the way to the hanger you pass the armory and a vehicle bay. the armory has everything from the H1 pistol to the H3 spartan laser (also the marines and odst have a variety of weapons). the vehicle bay has 2 elephants, 4 of each hog, and 4 normal scorpion tanks. on the top of every building are artillery cannons aimed towards blue base.

blue team (ai move right away)
there is a fleet of banshees and serphes. with them are 2 phantoms filled with elites. there are also two sprits (the halo 1 drop ship) filled with grunts. last is a halo 3 phantom with hunters in it. on the ground there are what seems like an endless amount of squads (2 hunters, 20 grunts, 10 elites, 15 jackals, 2 sniper jackals, 1 honor guard elite who is the squad leader). on the ground there are 10 ghosts, 10 wrathes, 10 serfs, 5 anti air wraths. there are 2 covenant plasma cannons (artillery?) ready to go. all of the vehicles have elites to drive them. if you go into the capital ships you can access a vehicle hanger and be send via grav lift to the ground. each capital ship has the following: 1 scarab (has an elite for each turret), 2 wraths, 2 anti air wraths, 4 banshees, 4 serphs, 8 ghosts, 2 phantoms (each has elites waiting to be taken planet side), and 1 stealth phantom (once you leave the capital ship it turns invisible along with the elites and 2 sniper jackals inside).

the fight.
so here's what's gonna go down. the marines will either head out with you to stop the covenant or wait in the "safety" of their base for the covenant to come to them. the goal, depending on your team, is to defend the base or eliminate the marines. if the marines can hold out long enough there will be 2 pelicans with ai spartans (if you watch rvb that's who it is in there) who will "boost moral" and keep the covenant at the entrance to the base. if these spartans get killed they re spawn in the armory and double time it to the front line (well except for grif who will take his time and lopez will spawn in the hanger with a hog, hopefully polka music will be herd when he drives by and caboose will have sheela). there are 2 spartans who cant die, Tex and Doc/O'mally. if you hold out longer with the marines Spartan 117 (yes the master chief) drops down and at the same time a covenant capital ship will blow up. chief is also impossible to kill so if you're on blue team you're sol.

thank you to anyone who offers suggestions and/or help!!

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