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If I can get medium on Skyrim, 30+ fps on Kingdoms of Amalur high settings, will I be able to play this okay? I hear people getting 10 fps on this thing, but i don't know what kind of laptop you have.

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Feb 19, 2012 09:19 AM (Total replies: 12124)

I'd just like to say that OS looks beautiful. Well, CMT SPV3 Looks beautiful. Even though I know that OS opens up a lot of new gameplay options to modders (sorry, I don't really understand this fully) for me as just a gamer the new visuals are stunning and are such a huge leap forward. Really something else.

Self explanatory. Just wondering if there were already any maps out that used all the new features of Open Sauce like normal maps and all that stuff in the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9TzjhVSYH0

Many thanks!

so there really is no online playerbase at all? That really sucks. Do any of you use that virtual lan thing, I forget what it's called. Himatchi or something? Or Tungle? Is there anyone playing there?

I dont have an xbox- I've never played through the Halo 2 campaign so maybe it wouldn't be a totally wasted buy. About a year ago my friend was on Halo 2 vista and his multiplayer experience didn't seem too bad, but if the community has gone down significantly since then maybe I shouldn't get it after all.

have you tried the US version of Halo CE to see if it really is a problem with the Spanish version? If so, maybe theres more to the campaign map issues than just shadows.

Quote: --- Original message by: l283023
I have an Nvida card. I also don't have shadows for characters and weapons.

I see, so the issue seems to be on everyone i've asked. Its really strange- hopefully we can find a campaign that does support shadows (if its annoying you) what boggles me most is that it seems such an easy thing to impliment! I dont actually know anything about making maps but if custom singleplayer campaigns and multiplayer maps have them it can't be a massive issue.

Quote: --- Original message by: TM_updates
You can find a Covenant Shadow in the single player map named Lumoria :)
Doesn't even matter which graphics card you have, it'll be there!

Yeah I get all shadows in multiplayer and in completely custom singleplayer maps (like Lumoria) which just makes it all the stranger that I've never ever had enemy or weapon shadows in any of the ports of the original campaign!

Quote: --- Original message by: l283023
I have shadows in b30.


I have that map and for whatever reason the enemies and the weapons don't have shadows but the vehicles do (the same issue as any other map) but thanks for trying and thanks for linking me! Maybe its an Nvidia thing- do you have ATI?

...all I wanted was a reply to my question. I just don't want to be told "graphics aren't important stfu" or whatever. Maybe I put too much importance in graphics, but thats not the topic here. I was just wondering if someone could help me out with my issue, not if they felt my issue was valid or not. Anyway, from my previous thread it seems that a lot of people are having the issue of no graphics in the combat evolved campaign for custom edition. If it really isn't the maps themselves then some of us need to look at our graphics cards- i'm just trying to pinpoint the issue for anyone who does feel irritated by it :) Thanks!

I'm not here for your opinions on the graphics debate. I'm here to see if anybody has any links to any campaign maps that do have shadows. If you do (like some of you have said) then paste the link- thats the title of the thread after all. If you don't- don't post here. Pretty simple stuff.

I really don't think you do. Not on enemies and fallen weapons, at least. If you do, please post a screenshot so we can all see and link me to the campaign you downloaded- thats why I set up this thread, after all :) Consider that when I say campaign I mean the original Combat evolved campaign (a10, a30, a50 etc) ported over to be played on the Custom Edition version of the game and played on the Custom Edition.

If the campaign you have fits that description, screenshots and a link to its download would be brilliant.

As for why I need shadows? I don't, but that's not why I made this thread. When I make a thread called "Tell me if I'm petty to want shadows in my game" then feel free to say what you like, until then please keep it relevant. Thanks!

Basic questions- 10 is a lot to shell out on a game that doesn't have a good online community, such as mods and players online- so i'm just making sure that it does before I buy it?


Should I buy Halo 2 Vista? Is there still an active playerbase/community? Thanks!

....that DOES have shadows? Every single one I download lacks shadows. I made a thread before to check if it was just my pc doing this, but it turns out that its an issue with the campaign maps themselves, and no one has shadows on any of the modified/otherwise campaign maps (a10, a30, a50 etc) I was just wondering if anyone could link me to a campaign map that does have shadows. Thanks!

I dont think it'd be too hard. Not when completely custom singleplayer maps have them, like Lumoria. I'm sure theres a good reason for it, or not every single original-campaign map would be lacking them, but i'll bet its still something that people could get around without huge issues. I dont know enough about it, but i'd be suprised if it was an impossible task. But yeah, if anyone knows an original campaign map that does have shadows, please let me know!

Glad I at least made people aware of it! Its very strange indeed. Tell me if you ever find a Combat Evolved campaign that DOES have shadows, i'm a very petty person who always gets annoyed by little things like that, silly I know. Ive noticed Lumoria does have shadows, so yeah, maybe people who ported over the original campaign just overlooked shadow implementation. Still though, really odd how all other maps seem to have it- you'd think there would be at least one original campaign out there that did have shadows, too.

Also, could anyone direct me to the CMT campaign that does have shadows? I can't seem to find it, v2 has the same issue as any other and v3 isn't out yet?
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You do? Because every single video on youtube of a single-player campaign doesn''t seem to have them, either. I'll show you:



None have shadows, none. Mine don't either, and I don't think its their settings as multiplayer videos all seem to have shadows. Please post me a screenshot of your games when playing through the singleplayer campaign WITH shadows, please. I haven't seen a Custom Edition campaign with shadows yet, but every Combat Evolved video I see DOES have shadows.

I have, first thing I did. I've looked at youtube playthroughs of the halo custom edition campaign playthroughs and it seems to be the case with every single video I've seen. Its NOT the case when watching the halo combat evolved (original) campaign. Have you guys got shadows on your Custom Edition Campaigns?

So yeah, just noticed that- and it's really starting to bug me- i'm just one of those people, I suppose. In every single custom Halo: Combat Evolved campaign i've downloaded for Custom Edition, everything has lacked shadows. I used to have the original Combat Evolved installed, and I remember there being shadows under vehicles and characters. Anyone else noticed this or better, why its happening? I'd really love a campaign with shadows if thats possible. Just seems strange!


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