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Well apparently not lol at least not in my case. (other than this one time with a couple materials)

well all other 80% of my material names have numbers in them o.O no error there

Thanks a lot for the help aLTis! :3 it works now :) turns out the textures had bad names, so changing them worked like it did for you :) I still am clueless though as to how lol oh well

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Project Mystic Ruins Sep 17, 2012 06:15 PM (Total replies: 9)

Yes I will be adding a custom sky tag, and I'm not sure about the cliffs and rocks because I wanted it to look as much like the original area from sonic adventure, however I might do it too, I haven't decided yet. Thanks for giving your opinions though! :D Always considered.

E: Here is the shrine from the Sonic Adventure game for reference:

As you can see it looks almost the same! :)
I just haven't figured out if it's possible to have more than one water plane on a scenario... At least I haven't gotten it to work yet o.O
Edited by zora on Sep 19, 2012 at 12:24 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Project Mystic Ruins Sep 16, 2012 01:29 PM (Total replies: 9)

Hey guys! :3 Don't know if you know me, but I've been working on this project for a while now,
just wanted to see if the public thinks it looks good / what can be made better,
currently trying to fix some issues with some bitmaps i've had,
plus the bsp isn't 100% ready yet, its at about 90%.
I'm not the fastest modeler but I have some ideas.
The UVW mapping isn't finished yet either. The textures are supposed to be crappy,
so that you get the feel from the Sonic Adventure game where I got the inspiration from,
it's the adventure field Mystic Ruins (duh) or at least a couple parts of it. Recreated for Halooo! [WIP]
Enjoy and tell me your thoughts! :)

Edited by zora on Sep 16, 2012 at 01:39 PM

Sadly no, the only other options I have are to either delete every material, and redo them, or delete all the faces the materials are applied to and redo those, or both. Surely tool would state which name doesn't correspond with the name of the bitmap applied? Instead of leaving a blank name that is. I have checked more than enough times and all the names are correct... :/
E: Remade all the materials and shaders, still nothing.
Edited by zora on Sep 16, 2012 at 12:49 AM

yes i know lol, however it thinks that one of my materials don't have a name, a blank name that is, but they all have the corresponding names of the bitmap files for the different textures. and shaders.

Actually, they are ALL named, and the shaders have corresponding names as well, all materials are applied, no material have the same name as another. I'm filling it in the material itself, ie not in the place where you first would think, under name next to it, so i'm doing it right. I even tried deleting all new faces with the new materials i added (found that a new section with new textures was the area of problem) but the problem still lingered, tool doesn't care about unused materials right? if so then I don't know what the problem is really...
Edited by zora on Sep 14, 2012 at 07:20 PM

Hey altis! Sorry, i've been kinda busy, had some personal issues to manage. Anyway all my materials have shaders with the same names, I had this issue before but that was when a material wasn't named properly, so I just had to add the name and it was working again, however now I have the same problem again only now they all have names xD

Heya, when trying to compile my jms file I get the common error "choose a type for the shader" only mine is a little different, it's trying to choose a shader for a nonexistent bitmap. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. All my materials have names but I still get the error. Thanks!

No, every material in my 3ds file has a name, and a corresponding shader, that's why it seems so strange to me. But thanks for your answer though.

Edit: I found the problem, it was something wrong with a specific texture, even though it had a proper name and shaders, I simply exchanged the bitmap for another one.
Thanks for the help!
Edited by zora on Apr 5, 2012 at 10:57 PM

I have a problem with running the structure command in tool, it says to choose a shader type for a shader called ' ' which is essentially a space, and files cannot be named a space alone so it doesn't create it. Every texture in my map has material and shaders so this problem makes no sense to me. I appreciate all the help to this problem I can get!

Here's a picture of the error:

Time: Fri July 10, 2020 3:44 AM 172 ms.
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