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Im black yall
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no new vehicles or weapons but the map came with its own custom content includes vehicles

07.08.12 11:49:13 reference function: _write_to_error_file
07.08.12 11:49:13 reference address: 401b13
07.08.12 11:49:13 Couldn't read map file './sapienbeta.map'
07.08.12 11:49:13 CreateDevice succeeded with refresh rate = 0
07.08.12 11:49:13 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.
07.08.12 11:49:13 Increasing sound decompression buffer size to 1048576 bytes
07.08.12 11:49:36 local player 0, weapon (0x0), deleted unexpectedly
07.08.12 11:49:36 EAX: 0x00000000
07.08.12 11:49:36 EBX: 0x1105F601
07.08.12 11:49:36 ECX: 0x00000000
07.08.12 11:49:36 EDX: 0x00000000
07.08.12 11:49:36 EDI: 0x0018BD50
07.08.12 11:49:36 ESI: 0x00000000
07.08.12 11:49:36 EBP: 0x0018BC28
07.08.12 11:49:36 ESP: 0x0018BC18
07.08.12 11:49:36 EIP: 0x77480BD2, 83 C4 04 C2 ?????
07.08.12 11:49:36 EXCEPTION halt in \halopc\haloce\source\physics\physics.c,#390: <no reason given>

i know debug.txt is supposed to tell you your errors so you can fix it but wtf is this crap?!?
Sapien closes right after it loads the scenario tag
Edited by a514n on Jul 8, 2012 at 02:54 PM

i write up my script which is this

(script startup cutscene
(player_enable_input 0)
(camera_control 1)
(camera_set cam1 0)
(sleep 30)
(camera_set cam2 0)
(sleep 30)
(camera_set cam3 0)
(sleep 30)
(camera_set cam4 0)
(sleep 10)
(camera_set cam 0)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj1)
(hud_set_objective_text obj1)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj2)
(hud_set_objective_text obj2)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj3)
(hud_set_objective_text obj3)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj4)
(hud_set_objective_text obj4)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj5)
(hud_set_objective_text obj5)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj6)
(hud_set_objective_text obj6)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)
(sleep 15)
(camera_control 0)
(player_enable_input 1)
(sleep 15)
(show_hud_help_text true)
(hud_set_help_text obj7)
(hud_set_objective_text obj7)
(sleep 150)
(show_hud_help_text false)

when i try to compile scripts in sapien it crashes and i go look at debug.txt and i get this

07.06.12 11:41:50 reference function: _write_to_error_file
07.06.12 11:41:50 reference address: 401b13
07.06.12 11:41:50 Couldn't read map file './sapienbeta.map'
07.06.12 11:41:50 CreateDevice succeeded with refresh rate = 0
07.06.12 11:41:51 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.
07.06.12 11:41:51 Increasing sound decompression buffer size to 1048576 bytes
07.06.12 11:41:52 recompiling scripts after scenarios were merged.
07.06.12 11:41:52 this left parenthesis is unmatched.: (script startup cutscene

07.06.12 11:41:52 local player 0, weapon (0x0), deleted unexpectedly
07.06.12 11:42:14 EAX: 0x00000000
07.06.12 11:42:14 EBX: 0xE3730001
07.06.12 11:42:14 ECX: 0x00000000
07.06.12 11:42:14 EDX: 0x00000000
07.06.12 11:42:14 EDI: 0x0018EEB8
07.06.12 11:42:14 ESI: 0x00000000
07.06.12 11:42:14 EBP: 0x0018ED90
07.06.12 11:42:14 ESP: 0x0018ED80
07.06.12 11:42:14 EIP: 0x77390BD2, 83 C4 04 C2 ?????
07.06.12 11:42:14 EXCEPTION halt in \halopc\haloce\source\hs\hs_compile.c,#306: tell matt that somebody failed to correctly report a parsing error.

wtf? Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

do i check off anything else?

i make the command list and i press on their spawn points then i just set the command list drop down thing to the command list i made

I make a command list for some ais to go to a point but those stubborn ai dont wanna listen to the command list.

How do i make ais go to a point. I want to do this for multiplayer maps not single player

i remember back when people used to ask each other whether or not they had this map or that

so is that the reason why no one hosts servers anymore? cuz it lags a lot? I never noticed that much lag, i usually got around 100 or 200

you know what is weird?

halomaps gets new custom maps all the time and i see that people do download them, but i never see them on the server lists. What is the point of downloading a map and not playing it?!?
Edited by a514n on Jun 28, 2012 at 09:03 PM

if this becomes big then haloce might return to the old days within a year

we need more ways to get the word out any ideas?

the important thing is we all need to start playing custom maps, and we need to get the word out

some maps i thought that might be really nice:

-Chronopolis C3 Public Beta v0.2

those are some fun maps i can remember, so if you guys can get servers up it would be nice to see haloce go back to the good old days

we should get some custom map servers up if we can, we should use maps that get 10,000 + downloads
Edited by a514n on Jun 28, 2012 at 11:54 AM

i really wish people would start playing custom maps again, i miss the old days

everyone has the original halo. you need it for custom edition. why not play that?

I dont get it. People play and host servers that use the default maps for custom edition, shouldnt they use custom maps?

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Problem after creating map please help Jun 28, 2012 12:45 AM (Total replies: 4)

i found it thanks.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Problem after creating map please help Jun 27, 2012 11:41 PM (Total replies: 4)

i dont have two halo custom edition map folders. but i do have a map folder for halo 1 regular and custom edition i doubt that makes any difference.

but it somehow does it anyway, doesnt show up in maps folder but shows up and actually plays ingame

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Problem after creating map please help Jun 27, 2012 12:43 PM (Total replies: 4)

I make and compile my map and everything and it shows up on the map list when i play the game but when i look in my maps folder the map isnt there

I have never seen anything like it so please help me someone?

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