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Cool, thanks for the pointer. Now to wait for the HEK to d/l *assumes the "It's full of stars" expression*

EDIT: Hmm, okay, I guess it's not as simple a step as just telling Aether to load the bsp and export a .obj, given that it's asking me for a .scenario file. Is there anywhere online that summarises the different filetypes involved in level authoring?
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EDIT again: Okay, anyone else looking to do this? This is what helped me in the end: http://www.goldeneyevault.com/files/tutorials/haloconvert/geeditorv2converthalomapsintoge.pdf
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Hello, Halo Maps newbie here :) I tried searching and checking the pins, but I couldn't find anything that helped.

I'm currently planning a remake of Chillout for Halo 4, but I want to try and get the geometry as close as possible, using the original BSP as reference. I have Halo 1 for Mac, and I'm fairly certain that I've been able to extract the BSP using HMT 3.5 (chillout.sbsp, right?).

Now, I'm primarily a Mac user, and I only use my Windows laptop when I face something my MacBook just won't do, so I was hoping there would be some app that could load the BSP for viewing on OSX.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? If I have to use a free method on Windows to convert to a common file type, I can live with that.
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