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ENGLISH: Im not trying to spam the forums or something like that, I just want to upload a spanish and complete guide of how to create a map for HCE. I've seen a lot of latino mappers around here and the internet and the new ones have a lot of problems understanding the English tutorials.
So, I've seen that dennis don't have enough time to administrate the site and the uploads are taking long, so I decided to post it here, for the new guys.

It would be a good Idea to post guides with different languages to improve the community, and people around the world can learn how to create mods for Halo easily.


Bienvenidos a una guía completa sobre como crear mapas para Halo CE.

Este tutorial abarca lo básico:

-Organización de carpetas.
-Modelado de Nivel incluyendo colision.
-Agua y Skyboxes.
-Exportacion y manipulacion con Guerlla
-Manipulacion con Sapien
-Vehiculos e IA.

Este tutorial ya tiene aproximadamente un año que lo lancé y pocas cosas han estado cambiando:
*Dentro del tutorial encontraran que dice que se necesita una verisón de 3DS max 2009 o inferior. Pueden utilizar la versión 2014 (La más reciente) puesto que esta ya no destruye los scripts al compilar modelos, si utilizan versiones: 2013,12,11 y 10... sufriran de muchos problemas. Pueden utilizar GMAX como alternativa.

Si se preguntan quien soy, soy un modder ya experimentado, he expuesto aquí mi trabajo y pueden buscar mis mapas con el nombre de 'Georgespartan01' esta es mi 2da cuenta.

PDF del tutorial.


*Al final del tutorial podrán encontrar que faltan algunos tutoriales como creación de modelos y otras cosas más, si quieren aprender esto... mandenme un MP por aquí para que yo pueda hacer los tutoriales y si realmente alguna parte no la entienden, mandenme un MP para aclarar dudas. Disculpen si en algunas partes no me doy a explicar bien, pero digamos que en ese entonces era más torpe para explicar pero ya no.


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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo will return to PC. *with proof Jun 30, 2014 05:17 PM (Total replies: 47)

I've made a video explaining this, every single detail of this rumours (It's in spanish, I can't post it here)

The sentence from Bonnie Ross "We're listening to PC Fans" she didn't mean about H5, she was talking about the Master Chief Collection. And it's highly probable that this collection will come to PC, but not Halo 5... I don't think 343 would release H5 for PC.

However, in case the MCC don't comes to PC it seems PCs can emulate Xbox One and PS4 due to the architecture they have (It's similar from a PC) Xbox 360 and PS3 couldn't be emulated because their architecture is very different from PCs.

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Pripyat Chernobyl. Jun 30, 2014 05:12 PM (Total replies: 53)

Thanks for the weapon option guys, If I could find them here I'd put them in the map.

Forthe guy who said about using the COD4 game as reference, I didn't thought about it but sometimes like me, these scenarios are not real replicas of pripyat, I tried to see something in STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, the city of Pripyat was done very good but it was very different than the original pripyat.

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Pripyat Chernobyl. Jun 26, 2014 04:11 PM (Total replies: 53)

It seems a lot of you guys want a firefight fight on this map, yes It will have it.

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Pripyat Chernobyl. Jun 25, 2014 04:49 PM (Total replies: 53)

Glad to see a lot of good comments, thanks guys.

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Pripyat Chernobyl. Jun 24, 2014 11:15 PM (Total replies: 53)

Thanks for the good comments guys.

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Pripyat Chernobyl. Jun 24, 2014 10:46 PM (Total replies: 53)

Hello, it's me again and Im very happy to come back here and show you my greatest map ever done yet by me. It's the city of pripyat... and you may know it.

First of all let me tell you that the making of this map was literaly A PAIN IN THE A%& ¿Why? you may ask. Well first of all I wanted to make an acurate replica of the city of pripyat but it was very hard because this city doesn't have enough photos to build a 3D model of it and due to the engine limitations I only builded the city center which is the most famous zone of the abandoned city.

Here are some real pics of pripyat:

It was really hard because there are not enough pictures inside the buildings and the only way to model an acurate replica was to go pripyat but I can't of course (not now), So I had to use my imagination to build the inner sections of the main buildings, and the hard part too was to make easy and simple models for the main buildings.

The main Idea was to make the whole city but due to the engine limitations I barely made the city center.

One of the hardest part too was crunching the polygons, the final BSP ahd almost 50,000 polys and Halo wasn't able to handle them... I crunched the BSP to 1,000 POLYS!! (Yes is a wonder) but the problem was to fix a lot of ultra tiny degenerate triangles, but after hard work I did it...

Pripyat in CE. (And this is only the 45% of the final map)

I have to fix some textures, but that's easy.

This part needs some foliage, this building is in the left side of the city center, I think this is a "market" anyways, is the nearest one from the "Energetik" building.

The Iconic Pripyat Ferris Wheel (Made by me too)

Sky View of the map.

Things to do:

-Improve lightmaps and lighning (Aether usage)
-More foliage
-More structures
-3D SkyBox objects

Gametypes support:
-All Gametypes

Solo Game:
-Zombie Survival with friendly AI bots (Probably the whole map would not be playable)

Thanks for watching

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » A plane with collision. Jun 24, 2014 06:17 PM (Total replies: 1)

I know you can't add planes as collision because Halo don't like that, But I've seen some BSP maps using planes as terrain and of course, the BSP has collision (No portals, is terrain).

I want to know how can you use a plane in a BSP, I've been thinkin to flip the faces in the box but that's just the same, Halo will render it anyways.


Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 24, 2014 01:21 PM (Total replies: 35)

Quote: --- Original message by: DOOM899

wood you like me to test it

and I can give you some more info on os if you need it
I no some things on os not much but even a bit of info can help

and your map looks cool
Edited by DOOM899 on Jun 24, 2014 at 05:47 AM

You can test my maps... I gave a link below the main post, you can look for all my maps.

Thanks BTW

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 23, 2014 10:40 PM (Total replies: 35)

Quote: --- Original message by: DOOM899
how did you get detail objects to work for os?

So that's why detail objects don't work... OS kill them. Yes, the grass is not DO, they're scenery objects

Halo CE General Discussion » Some kind of horror map. Jun 23, 2014 12:17 PM (Total replies: 11)

It's good to se my maps are working as inspiration for other mappers... thanks mate,

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 23, 2014 12:06 PM (Total replies: 35)

Quote: --- Original message by: DOOM899
looks just like fear
is the map going to be os?

I've been using OS all the time

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 23, 2014 12:15 AM (Total replies: 35)

ikr... As I said before, I lost the HUD for these maps unfortunetly, and well yes haha the wapons were not made bye me... If there's something I didn't do in this map are the vehicles and weapons.

BTW Thanks for the good feedback

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 22, 2014 08:36 PM (Total replies: 35)

Yes they Have.

Quote: --- Original message by: Waffles
Spooky creatures right out of Cry of Fear.

Onlye the white Ghost is a modified version from a CoF ghost... Now that I've improved my modeling skills, I'll create my own.
Edited by ChromeGames on Jun 22, 2014 at 08:38 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [W.I.P.] Horror Maps. Jun 22, 2014 08:02 PM (Total replies: 35)

Few people know me here, Im a mexican modder "Georgespartan01" but I have this new account because I can't get the password from my old account. However, it's been a year since I left the CE modding but Im getting back.

I released some Beta maps, all of them are horror maps (Or well... mostly) and I've been seeing some good feedback from my maps.

The main purpose of this project was to create a new "GAME" or a Mod based on Halo Ce (You know what I mean) Unfortunetly I wasn't able to create it because of the limitations of the engine... Actually I can create this new "game" or campaign but not in the way I want. ¿What's the way you want it then? You may ask.
Actually I love to build destruction maps and maps filled with grass and forniture to avoid making the map empty, as you can see in My maps I use a lot of grass, trees, furniture etc but the HCe engine didn't allow me to add more in some maps and that's why my project began to fall. All this horror maps are recycled maps, they were used to be large BSPs and of course I didn't want to see my work in garbage and think how all of this was in vain. But it didn't.

Well here's the things I've done in the last 2 years and the things I'll be doing right now. I want to remind you that all this maps I did them ALONE, I was alone all the time in this project, and to be honest some scenerie objects weren't done by me so if you see a scenery object you did, tell me to give you credit for it.

*Please ignore the HUD, I lost the HUD from this game, however it was something easy to do, the HUD didn't Have health meter and radar, and it had some tweaks.

One of the main ideas of this project was to allow the player to explore the environment and to see what happened to the place.

The first level was to explore an abandoned 5 star hotel (A big hotel well) exploring rooms helped you to find keys and places to leave and continue with your path.

"Paper" Ghosts, This ghosts are harmless they are there hanging around to scare you, trust me... these little things can give you some good scares but now that Improved my modeling skills, I will do these ghosts into 3D ones.

A hallway with some rooms to explore. It doesn't look like a normal hotel you may think, but yeah this was actually the beginning these rooms were supposed to be worker rooms in the first floor, however, the music and other objects creates a strong atmosphere and that was one of the main intentions.

This was something like a kitchen room, it was near the pool, however your mision is to explore the building and find a way to leave, before the B&% finds you.

One of the main ideas too was to give the player a form of protection for SOME enemies, as you can see the player is holding a weapon, but you can use this weapon against Zombies not with demons or ghosts, as you can see in the red circle there's a ghost. These ghosts are hostile and you can't do anything to kill them, they don't make too much noise so you have to be smart. You must Hide and keep trying to continue, if a ghost see you the only thing you can do is RUN, because a single touch of these beings kills you instantly. (BTW, the scariest thing of these ghosts is that they're SMART... VERY SMART)

You can see weapons like snipers to sneak better, using night vision and zoom will help you to continue in your path. As you can see, that B%&$ is coming back so the best thing I can do is to hide. Oh BTW everytime the ghost is close to you you will hear a high-pitch scary sound (Actually is the sound from amensia lol) to warn you that the ghost is near.

I must go up there to find a key. (I want to thank the guy who made this Reach sniper rifle, it looks badass)

More exploration. As I said before, I really HATE empty maps, that's why I add a lot of scenery objects like garbage, papers etc.

The outside of an abandoned Hospital:
Now I know you are saying now "Use Detail Objects for grass" Yes of course I know but by some unknow reason, HEK don't allow me to do that, the only thing to make Detail Objects working is not using Normal Maps, Speculars, Detail maps, etc and actually I use a lot of them to make the textures look "nice"

Another building to explore.

Now, some of you may know this map.
Is one of the beta maps I released time ago... The main objective of this map is to look in the hotel (A section of the whole hotel actually) to find the correct gas container (there's only 1 in the map) and take it to the car. Once you find the correct gas container and take it to the car you have won. Actually this map works... but not very well, to make it work you have to play it in CTF game type... and always be Blue Team or Read. The reason I made it this way is ebcause I wanted the people to play this map with friends in multiplayer but it was a bad idea, I forgot that multiplayer don't have AI and BSP syncing so I'll release this map as SOLO... with some friendly bots.

Yes, this B&% again...

This map is one of the worst (scary) it's so dark and this B%$& is smart hiding in trees.
Actually... I have some maps that instead of ghosts as enemies... your enemy is SLENDERMAN.

Old Buildings to explore... EVERYTHING is explorable.
I know I ruined the water shader, but is easy to fix.

As I said before, the scariest thing of these B%$&s is that they act so weird, they do things by their own like if they were actually alive and actually Im proud of it because I never knew I could creat such a smart AI.
These ghosts have a vision angle of 165° and they can see you from a long distance, they can hear you easily too (If you make a lot of noise like shooting of course)
As I said, they do weird things... sometimes they FLY to the top of the map only to find you... like now.

In this map you can fight against zombies and marines. I've been thinking to make a Zombie survival minigame with this map, and with some friendly bots.

Some marines have funny clothes on like this one... this one has a Dora The explores pijama.

This is the worst map (Scary) This map is a BIG MAZE with 2 floors... the objective of this map is to find a weapon (YES! You're defendless in this map) find a weapon to destroy the fences that block the exit. If a zombie sees you, you better RUN and HIDE. If a GHOST/DEMON sees you... You better RUN too.

The atmosphere in this map is strong.

Here's the other DEMON. This is actually the most dangerous.

Oh! And I Have this little friend, which I think im going to use it in the next release.

All of this maps were in BETA stage.

Coming Soon:

-All maps Finished + 3 new ones.
-Maps optimized
-Improved HUD
-Improved Lightning
-No MP versions.

You can get the Beta maps from here and all the maps I did before.


Thanks for watching.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » radiosity process Jun 22, 2014 12:09 AM (Total replies: 7)

This is thaks to the tresshold, if you add a tresshold like "0 0.9" the process wil be faster but if you add somethin like 1 0.5 (I use it for complex and good lightning and shading) will take more time.

However, the HCE Shading and lightning system is not good anymore, I recommend you to find a tool called "Aether" if Im correct, this tool allows you to create "realistic" shading lightmaps to the BSP, is easy and quicker...

Im sure Microsoft will release the MCC to PC.... well they HAVE TO. It would be stupid to ignore this opportunity, if Microsoft has windows dominating the PC industry and the PC gaming, it would be a good idea to take advantage of it, releasing the games that succeded on Xbox will succed in PC but they have to be smart, because H2Vista was a failure, and that was because microsoft launched it exclusively for Vista.

If they're smart enough releasing the game for, 7 & 8 the MCC would be a Hit. I don't care if they don't release H5 for PC, we're not looking for it actually, what we want is to have those 4 games for PC, and play some massive Multiplayer running at 60fps and some cool improvements that the Xbox 360 didn't allow us.

Microsoft/343i will not release MCC for PC NOW, Im sure they will wait for the Xbox One version because they want to grow the XOne sales with this collection because a lot of peole will buy a XOne for Halo 5 and the MCC ONLY. Probably the PC version will come out in a couple of months...or a year.... probably 2.

Halo CE General Discussion » How do you go past the 640x480 ui limit? Jun 21, 2014 03:55 PM (Total replies: 16)

Welcome to the Blam Engine.

Is a fun and good engine but unfortunetly is a old engine (he is like 15 years old) so unfortunetly you can't do some "Next gen" or current gen things on this engine, like 1080p resolutions and other cool stuff, but you can create cool things with it.

However, sorry the only way to make it is modifying the source code but that's almost imposible.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » radiosity process Jun 21, 2014 03:49 PM (Total replies: 7)

Bulding lightmaps takes a lot of time but that depends on your computer hardware specillay the CPU. I used to have an i5 at 2.3Ghz I used to make big maps with a lot of scenery and complex geometry, lightmaps took me like 2 or 3 hours, now I have an i7 at 3.7Ghz and I build lightmaps in less than 30 minutes

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » radiosity Jun 21, 2014 03:46 PM (Total replies: 4)

Not really, In sapien you see a row of three numbers.
"0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000" those will be changing in the radiosity process.

In tool you will see only one number, and If I remember correctly that is the threshold. The number could change but that depends, about the radiosity level, and the complexity of the map geometry and global light.

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