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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Dedi not letting any joiners? Dec 20, 2013 02:16 AM (Total replies: 12)

Okay, good news. With Gandanur I got everything working. Better yet, I discovered the 'sv_cdkeycheck 0' and 'sv_version any' commands to circumvent the other issues I was having.

Hell, I even got three separate servers running simultaneously. They all show up on the Gamespy directory and can be joined just fine.

But there's another problem here. I constructed a batch file to launch the three servers at once. All three servers (which are running in separate folders with their own respective files) refer to their own respective init.txt files which direct them to use a different map in their respective MAPS folders.

However, when I use this batch file (and ONLY when I use the batch file) they all keep launching on Infinity for some reason.

The two that were told specifically to launch Death Island and Gephyrophobia are also running Infinity. I triple-checked the batch file; each have a differently-named and correctly-referenced init.txt file and their respective map folders have only ONE map - the one their init.txt file refers to. I also triple-checked spelling in each.

So what I have is three servers all running Infinity, as if they're referring to the same init file, or their init files are all referring to a map folder somewhere that only has Infinity. I don't get it. Here's what the batch commands look like:

start C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_DI_Modded_DS\haloded.exe -exec C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_DI_Modded_DS\init1.txt -cpu 7


start C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_GY_Modded_DS\haloded.exe -exec C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_GY_Modded_DS\init2.txt -port 2300 -cpu 7


start C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_IF_Modded_DS\haloded.exe -exec C:\Users\Cobalt-4\Desktop\Dedicated_Servers\GPC_IF_Modded_DS\init3.txt -port 2301 -cpu 7

There are startup errors reported by Gandanur, but these are only for the motd and sv_mapcycle 5 lines - which hasn't stopped the servers from using the proper maps when they're launched individually from the icon executable. This problem with the maps only manifests when I run the above given batch file - that's when it, for whatever reason, makes all of them run on Infinity.

If it's any help, here's a sample of an init.txt file involved in this - they're all the same; I just copied and pasted each and made the small adjustments necessary:

sv_cdkeycheck 0
sv_version any
sv_public true
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_motd motd.txt
sv_mapcycle_add deathisland "Ultimate CTF War"
sv_mapcycle 5

Any ideas?
Edited by Ultrafrigid2 on Dec 20, 2013 at 02:20 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Dedi not letting any joiners? Dec 19, 2013 02:41 PM (Total replies: 12)

I've heard of it, and I'll give it a look.

My other problem is, I just reinstalled the game and placed a copy of the original installed haloded.exe in the installation folder, but it didn't auto-update with the game as I've been told it would. I also checked the original installation directory and nothing in there has been updated, either. Was I supposed to overwrite Halo's keystone, strings, etc. with what was placed in the Haloded folder, or does it matter?

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Dedi not letting any joiners? Dec 18, 2013 01:12 AM (Total replies: 12)

I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up, because yes, I'm on HPC - not CE. But no, my Halodeds were labelled HPC and came named that way when I downloaded and unzipped them.

I realize the forum's focused more on CE but the games are so similar I figured someone would be able to help with HPC issues.

(I suppose it'd be profitable then to edit the OP to reflect this...)

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Dedi not letting any joiners? Dec 17, 2013 09:20 PM (Total replies: 12)

Is it true the Haloded updates go all the way up to 1.09? Because I see 1.07 and 1.08 in the downloads catalog on this site, and I've heard mentions of other versions beyond 1.04. But for whatever reason they're not available anywhere.

EDIT: I might add, if I'm not mistaken, Haloded needs to be manually updated one version to the next. You can't just grab 1.09 and expect it to work.
Edited by Ultrafrigid2 on Dec 17, 2013 at 09:21 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Dedi not letting any joiners? Dec 17, 2013 08:34 PM (Total replies: 12)

(This is for HPC specifically... Not CE. : / )

I don't get this. I'm running Halo 1.09. Legit purchased copy. I setup my dedicated server starting with installing Haloded 1.01, then manually patching it to 1.02 and finally 1.03. I've tried running the dedi from all three and in every case, it doesn't show up on the Gamespy directory.

With some research, I find there's a Haloded 1.04. I don't know if it's official, but it's the only one that puts my dedi on the list. It doesn't update or anything, it's just a standalone program apparently, or runs off the 1.01 under different settings maybe. The point is, it works - I can see my server and join it, and others can see it too.

But, nobody was joining it. I left it up for an hour. Any time I make my non-dedi server, I get joiners in droves - an hour's plenty long enough, especially at peak hours in the evening. But, nobody.

I remade a non-dedi server - the kind I've been making for about 5 years - and one of my old friends on there joined and told me he couldn't get into my game earlier. He got an error - "Invalid CD key". If I understand correctly, that means he's using a pirated copy.

I've had many clients on my non-dedi admit to using such a copy. I don't really care, as long as I have clients to play with - and that's the issue. These same people join OTHER dedis, but they suddenly can't join MINE because it checks the CD keys and rejects connections.

What I'm not getting is how these people are able to join other dedis. What am I missing? Or are those dedis hacked/manipulated/etc.?

Worst case, I can keep making non-dedis. I've just developed a serious fanbase for my mods and I felt it was time to make them a permanent server... But if I can't get anyone to join because they're all using stolen copies, then how am I supposed to make this work?

Thanks... And uh... Hope this doesn't breach any codes of conduct on here.
Edited by Ultrafrigid2 on Dec 17, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Edited by Ultrafrigid2 on Dec 18, 2013 at 01:13 AM

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