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What Games do you play: Gears of War, Battlefield, Halo, Minecraft, GTA
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We most probably could but nothing too fancy at this stage ;)

I agree that the title Community Manager is too early. The reason it was given early is because we are planning to have or own website. I am the person required to give feedback, and the reason I was given the name is because we didn't know what else to dub me as (unless it was something stupid like "feedback giver") I know Bean is usually there to answer questions but since he's usually very busy (programming and such, and I will be doing the same soon as well) there's not many people to answer questions, so that's where I came in. Once again I realised afterward that the name is too early, but I will still be called that when our soon-to-be website gets a bunch of attention(which I can confidently say it will). This is also why I've created a FB page and a Reddit thread on this. Also, getting a misplaced title was a mistake, but DO NOT tell us to get our priorities straight. They are, it's just that the confusion in MY title name was a mistake, it doesn't mean that we have to get all of our priorities straight because one particularly rude individual told us to.

I myself will make sure you get credit Clone. ;) Substantial work so far mate. :)

Thank you for your feedback, it may very possibly come in useful. :)

We're considering those fonts, and they could very much be in the game logo or subtitling.

Hello people of the Halo Maps community. If you have read this thread this far I would like to say I expected that as this seems like a dedicated gaming community. My name is Adam, known here as HyperGuineaPig, and I am the new Feedback/Response guy of the game my great friend TheChunkierBean (head of the project) and his loyal friends are developing. As my role as "Feedback/Response Guy" I am obligated to answer any questions, clarify on why we can accept or decline any offered suggestions, and very much spread the word of this spectacle (if I do say so myself) of our community. We do give and receive credit where it's due and will not accept trolling, do not like spam, etc, but prefer constructive criticism. I will listen to all questions, take feedback, answer questions, and give feedback, as aforementioned. None of us make money off this and are not paid. We don't break Microsoft's content usage rules.
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