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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » SAPP Custom Commands Nov 3, 2017 06:49 AM (Total replies: 1)

Hi guys, I've recently got back into halo CE, got my server up and running, etc.

I'm looking to use the SAPP variables, functions and commands to create a system that will

1. Assign all new joins (via their IP) to a rank sytstem.

eg. 211.87.333.21 joins under name "JOHN" and the custom variable "RANK" for JOHN is assigned to 0.

2. every time (event_kill) for John, he gets 1 ranking point (5 points for PFC, 15 for Corporal, etc)

3. Whenever JOHN kills someone the event_kill tells the server to say his RANK and what he did. Eg.

PFC. JOHN killed 1LT. New001

I will literally pay you money for the source code or knowledge on how to do this (crying with laughter face).

I've gotten passed the tool instant-closing exe thing with the batch file.
I've created my own custom reticules for the assault rifle, pistol, etc and have no exceded the canvas sizes.
I've installed HEK, played with Guerilla and tried my best.

All I want to do...

Is make Bloodgulch, or my main bitmap.map file, replace those reticules with the ones I've edited so that when I play online next, there's no conflict with files and my Halo reticules will be more suited for online play, like, a magnum reticule made so that everything inside the aimpoint is not hit-able, kinda like a range-finder.

Please help or point me towards a Tool Bitmaps tutorial. I'm struggling here and need closure. ;$

Hey all.

Being the intermediate noob I am with Halo Modding I've looked around at other peoples CE maps, most notably their textures and have to know:

How do I make my own custom bitmaps.map compilation?
(How to I extract and then inject modded textures)


Is this applicable online?

Basically I'd like to mod the weapon reticules for cooler looks when playing online.

I have HMT, HEK and even a Halo Maps converter. In Guerilla I can see the reticules, all I want to do now is replace them but no option.

Also. After editing in Guerilla and saving there are no obvious changes to anything.
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