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Sorry to bump this but some folks would benefit from this.

Certain early GFWL games like GTA IV and EFLC have keys that will get past the in-game GFWL activation code request. The initial activation process the game requests upon installing should activate the game with your retail code. The problem is when GFWL asks for your key.

If you don't own the game you can pretty much play online if you own one of those games. You will need to activate the game by other means (MF.dll) in order to get past the greyed out main menu buttons.
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Quote: --- Original message by: Delicon20
My tag pack's probably the best you're gonna find unless you get someone to send you their own tag set.

It's leagues better than any other tagset on this site as I spent about 6 months working on it.

Maybe I can work on it further (assuming it wouldn't take as much time) and release it. I Will give you most of the credit of course.

Despite its claim it does have bugs. I wouldn't have posted this thread otherwise.

For years that I've been working with CE I've had to do tons of work fixing a lot of tags (e.g, SP scenarios not opening due to broken tags). The tag packs hosted here and other places have the same problem (I'm assuming from tag extraction). Now that I'm back from university it'll be nice to get back to creating content and modding this game but don't have the amount of time as I used to, in order to fix things. Having a bug free tag set will also minimize the amount of users asking why sapien isn't working for them. Or having one that is able to be compiled completely without game breaking bugs.

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