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Lol. Anyone have any tips or guides for setting up AI? The most I can do is make factions attack each other, and thats only if they are in close proximity. All I want to do is make groups of them fighting, with some operating turrets, and entering player driven vehicles when possible.

Halo won't let me do that... oh well its not that big of a deal. Right now I'm just focusing on trying to make the Sky look decent (as well as populating the level in sapien).

Oh gosh... yeah I'll just cross that off the list, cuz I can't even run OpenSauce right now because of the update to the game. After OS gets a compatibility update, we'll see...

I'm only using one BSP. Out of curiosity, is there a way to set the map in such a way that if you spawn on red team then your biped is a spartan whereas if you're on blue team then you are an elite? Through scripting maybe?

I highly doubt that I'm gonna remodel anything... the biggest change I'll probably make is changing the textures/shaders of some things. I barely know how to model maps with gmax, let alone do anything else.

Nevermind. I actually fixed it by overwriting the one shown in guerilla with the one in the real folder. But thanks, because I wouldn't have thought to do that without your idea.

By the way, I'm planning on making a map that uses the first BSP from the campaign level "Halo" (a30). Are there going to be any possible problems that may arise from creating a new scenario based upon a BSP from the campaign. I've never done this before, but I do have a complete and proper single player tagset.

So I've been using the HEK for quite a while, and recently it started giving me problems. It acts as if every single tag is screwed up, or at least it used to. Now I've tried deleting and reinstalling everything, including the game. But every time I try this, all the HEK programs act as if my old tags still exist. What makes this strange is that when I go to the real tags folder, everything is normal. But when I look at my tags folder in guerilla, all of the old tags are there. And this causes tool and sapien to be messed up as well. This makes no sense to me! Is there any way to fix this, or am I just screwed? Because I've tried deleting the entire game folder (after uninstalling the game and editing kit), and it still happens.

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