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Halo CE General Discussion » Recorded Animation Problems Aug 7, 2017 01:11 AM (Total replies: 3)

I already had it locked at 30 fps, but I did find a solution however.
It turns out that, because I was recording at a high resolution, the frame rate was not a consistent 30 fps(the result of having an under powered pc). Because of this, the ingame ticks weren't accurate, hence the weird issue I was getting when I played back the recordings. So I lowered my resolution whenever I recorded and tada, they came out accurate.

Halo CE General Discussion » Recorded Animation Problems Aug 6, 2017 05:24 PM (Total replies: 3)

EDIT: I found a solution to my problem.
Even though I was recording in 30 fps, I also had my settings at the highest resolution possible on my display(which unfortunately causes an inconsistent frame rate because I do not have the most powerful computer). The inconsistent 30 fps caused lag which messed up the recordings, making them inaccurate. So I toned down the resolution to 640 x 480. After that, the recordings I made came out accurate.

So recently, I've been using that recorded animation recorder, http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5939
to make a machinima. I rolled back to 1.09(it's not compatible with 1.10) and began recording my animations.
Now here's the problem. After injecting the animations into the scenario, compiling it, and running the recording, the recording is way off. Instead of walking 5m, the recording will walk 10m. Instead of running to cover, the recording will proceed to run past the cover I set up in Sapien and straight into the middle of the battlefield.

My point is that the recordings are very inaccurate and I'm not quite sure how to solve this. I recorded in 30 fps but that didn't seem to change anything as they still came out the same.
Anyway, hopefully somebody has a solution to this. Help would be much appreciated.
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Halo CE General Discussion » Windows Sound Effects Optic Pack Aug 3, 2017 11:24 PM (Total replies: 1)

I made an optic pack for HAC2 that adds sound effects from Microsoft's Windows OS and causes them to occur when certain events happen in game.
Here's a list of the sound effects I added:

*Hit - Windows XP ding sound effect.

*Kill - Windows 98's Utopia theme exclamation sound effect.

*Suicide - Windows XP exclamation sound effect.

*Flag capture - Windows 98 tada sound effect.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/teyj4hn1d7pnsdn/Windows.zip

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxhfOPeRH_8

Tell me if you get any errors when using this optic pack as I will try my best to fix them.
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Edited by Stuffy Junk on Aug 4, 2017 at 07:52 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE Graphical Flickering Issue Apr 29, 2017 09:30 PM (Total replies: 1)

So recently, I've began to notice this odd graphical issue while playing Halo CE. Earlier today when I was playing Soi's Singleplayer Adventure, I began to notice some slight flickering across the screen, usually whenever there's a lot of enemies shooting plasma weapons. Here's a video where you can see slight screen flickering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcwz_8ubyCM

Anyway, I just want to know if anybody else is getting this issue on this mod.

Halo CE General Discussion » Keyes Challenge - What are your thoughts? Dec 12, 2016 04:51 PM (Total replies: 8)


Halo CE General Discussion » Keyes Challenge - What are your thoughts? Dec 11, 2016 08:05 PM (Total replies: 8)

So recently I've been thinking of starting this challenge. Essentially it's to see how long you can survive against the infinite flood waves on keyes at the beginning of the level on legendary. You would record it and than post it here. There's not really much of a point to it, just to have fun and create bragging rights. Anyway, I think it's a pretty fun challenge. But what are your thoughts?

Halo CE General Discussion » Dedicated Server Issues Jul 1, 2015 12:55 AM (Total replies: 5)

Still doesn't seem to work...I guess I can try updating my network cards? It recommends to do so.

Halo CE General Discussion » Dedicated Server Issues Jun 28, 2015 12:22 AM (Total replies: 5)

No, I'll have to try it.
Well I tried it and it didn't work, still thanks for the suggestion.

Halo CE General Discussion » Dedicated Server Issues Jun 27, 2015 09:19 PM (Total replies: 5)

For the past few days I've been trying to host a Halo CE server. I have successfully port forwarded my router, bumped up my ports in-game so I can join it, and I have set up the init.txt file and the batch file. I have ran into an issue with the ip address though.

When my batch file loads up haloceded(with Gandanur)I get this error message http://s288.photobucket.com/user/StuffyJunk7/media/Halo%20CMD%20issue_zpswwq5ywmb.jpg.html I have updated my network cards and put in the right -port and -ip commands in the batch. No other programs are using that port. I have a (I assume) pretty good internet speed 28.77 Mbps(28770 Kbps).

Also here's a look at the batch file http://s288.photobucket.com/user/StuffyJunk7/media/Halo%20Batch%20File_zps7p7r3yvb.png.html

Can somebody tell me if I'm doing anything wrong? Is Gandanur the problem? I had to look all over Google to fix the earlier problems I've been having but no avail from this. I have let Halo CE and haloceded through my firewall. If somebody could help that would be nice.

EDIT 9/3/15: I resolved the issue about a month ago. A really stupid issue that I should have noticed in the first place. I am too embarrassed to say why but the issue is resolved. The server is up.
Edited by Stuffy Junk on Sep 3, 2015 at 12:14 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2015 Live Mar 1, 2015 01:17 PM (Total replies: 532)

It's already been a year since CE3 2014? Holy crap.

Halo CE General Discussion » How do I do recorded animations in Halo CE? Dec 13, 2014 07:57 PM (Total replies: 7)

Well it works now, thank you both.

Halo CE General Discussion » How do I do recorded animations in Halo CE? Dec 13, 2014 02:11 PM (Total replies: 7)

That's the one I was talking about, I'm gonna try rolling back to 1.09 and see if it works.

Halo CE General Discussion » How do I do recorded animations in Halo CE? Dec 12, 2014 06:37 PM (Total replies: 7)

A while ago there used to be a program that would let you do recorded animations in Halo CE. Unfortunately this has changed with Halo's new update. Now I'm wondering if you can do this without that program just as they did in the original Halo: Combat Evolved campaign. Just if you're curious what I intend to use this for machinima on Halo CE because I'm tired of using that stupid "masking" trick in Sony Vegas. Anyway, if you do know how to do this thanks. Finally, I know this is going to come off as me being a dink but I mean "recorded" by running around in game and replaying it. Not custom as the ones seen in Halo 2.
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