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Halo CE General Discussion » DestinyDB Model Conversion Jan 3, 2015 01:42 PM (Total replies: 4)

First I don't know who to contact on the Destiny team, second, how to contact the Destiny team in general, and finally since this is for fan purposes, just like the Adjutant team and how they created a tool to rip from the Halo games, with no repercussions from Bungie/343i I doubt there would be any issue here.

Halo CE General Discussion » DestinyDB Model Conversion Dec 31, 2014 10:42 AM (Total replies: 4)

So I figure that some people here may have use for this, not long ago I looked into the model format for the DestinyDB models since not many people were having luck extracting models from the Destiny game itself and the models on the DestinyDB website 3D Model viewer are the same I believe.
After asking around and finally getting some help from the Xentax forum we could now get helmet models extracted from the model viewer. This tutorial will help people that want to at least get those models from the DestinyDB site. There is still no luck with getting other parts/weapons/items yet as the script only works for helmet files.

First clear your Firefox cache, now go to the DestinyDB website and pull up the helmet you want, open the model viewer and let it load. Now in your Firefox address bar type in about:cache then go into the disk cache. You should see a link for a *.geom file and 3+ png files above it. If you don't have it in your cache, close this and retry. The png files are the texture files for the item. Click this first link then the 2nd one to download the file.

Next you will need to make a new folder in your C:\ title this folder xxx. Now download and put the Offzip program and the geom files you have into this folder. You can get the Offzip program from the Alugi website.

Open a command prompt (WinXP go to Run...type cmd and hit enter), drag the offzip to the prompt first. add a space then -a, another space and drag your geom file, space then type C:\xxx 0 (and that's a zero not a O) and it will uncompress the geom to this dat. You can now use Hex2OBJ to decipher the startaddress for the faces and vertices.

Now once you have the dat file converted, you can rename the file so it does not get mixed with the other files you may convert each file will be titled 0000004.dat now use 3DS MAX and use the "Run Script" open the .txt file for the script then it will ask for the dat file and after selecting this it will automatically convert it over to a .obj file into the same folder.

This script only works for 3DSMAX, and only works for the helmets. Feel free to add to this thread if you can help with working on the script so weapons and other items can be converted.

The script is courtesy of Shakotay of the Xentax forum you can view the hex information in this thread for the geom/dat filetype

Now when you start converting you may think that some model faces are out of place and that was my thought as well but that's just the way it was designed so parts could be interchangable. You can view this post to see what I mean.
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