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Alright, I think I finally have all the steps down to get all the textures and models I need. When I get the game working, I'll be able to better recreate dynamic shaders just from what I see. All I'm wondering about is the fog and other stuff that isn't saved to the map model itself - if it's just fog, I can figure that out and probably get it working myself (my current fog shader isn't working here for some reason, but I can fix it no problem), but if there's anything else, like light rays or particles, I might have to abandon them if there's no easy way to get all of that directly from the game. I hate making particles in Quake 3. It's the worst.

Here's a small gallery, with a broken image thanks to my FTP server acting up and the admin not being online: http://kitteh.maverickservers.com/images/halotest/

It still needs a lot of work I think, but that will come when I get the game working. Depending on just how much more work this one map needs, I might venture to several other maps.

And for anyone who actually has Quake 3, here's the PK3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34855518/chillout.pk3

There are some collision bugs that can only be fixed by manually building all collision on the map out of brushes, which might not be too difficult considering how low-poly the game is to begin with, but I get sick at the thought of rebuilding anything, after having to build an entire Minecraft scene, first in Minecraft (filling in caves manually as well), then inside Radiant, out of brushes, while figuring out how to most efficiently group them together while still keeping all of the textures intact. It's quite tedious work.

Nah, still crashes. I open Chillout.map; select all the folders; right click > extract to... C:\empty\Chillout, with recursive and use original folder names; then open Aether; new; select C:\empty\Chillout\levels\test\chillout\chillout.scenario; then save the .aeth file to wherever it is by default; and that's where it crashes.

I extracted everything from Chillout.map using HEK+, then opened the .scenario in levels/test, and Aether is saying:

Error type: File not found
Details: chillout.scenario_structure_bsp could not be found
Action Taken: Load BSP skipped

No, should it be?

;_; Aether crashes whenever I try to load a scenario.

Oh god, now I remember what really annoyed me about working with this game: HEK+ (at least the version I found) crashes every time I try to open a menu. The version I have is Halo_Editing_Kit_Plus_12-17-06.zip, which is probably out of date, but last time I think I had the latest version and the same thing happened.

How do I use Aether? It says to import a project, but the only ones that exist in the game directory are tutorials. What am I missing?

Where and how did you get those textures? I just installed the game and HEK, all the map resources appear to be in archives, which I can't access. I need the lightmap data. Having access to all the shaders in some readable format would be nice too, but I can recreate any transparency or animations on my own. Really I just need the lightmaps now, and I'd like to get them on my own, if you could tell me how.

I got Chillout sort-of working, with a few collision bugs and really bad lighting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u7zXcIIUTI
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Here's Chillout, with only one texture at the moment. The maps are really small, is this the proper scaling from Halo? I know that you can move way faster in Q3 than any other FPS, and the field of view makes it look even smaller, but still... it's tiny!

When I get the rest of the textures (it should be tonight, if the guy comes online), I'll at least finish this map, and one or two others.

Wow, thanks a lot. Did not expect someone to do it for me. Now all I need to do is clean up the textures, make some shaders, and it should be good to go. I do still need to install Halo though, because not all textures were included there.

I forget what maps he specifically wanted, but obj would be the final file format I think, because I can import that directly into Q3's editor.

Thank you very much, I can't test it right now because I don't have Halo on this computer any more - I reformatted my drive less than two weeks ago, so I lost most of my smaller, less frequently used programs. That includes HEK and the Halo game itself. I also forgot how to get all of that, so I need to wait for the guy who made this request in the first place to show me how to get it all again.

Whether this does or doesn't work I'll update the thread and if/when it does work I'll post some pics.

Someone whom I barely know asked me a while ago if I could convert some Halo maps to Quake 3, to which I replied, "I'll see what I can do". This was probably over a year ago, but after he asked, I spent a couple of weeks researching and learning new tools for this sole purpose. I found ways to import models, but no way to export maps as models, at least not compiled maps (in Q3, those are easier to convert than raw .map files). I could carry over any map I wanted from Q3, but I can't get any out of this game. I tried 3DRipper, to no avail.

Now, the reason the guy asked me to do this, and not someone else, is because I've done a lot of work with random games' resources - I've converted Minecraft, Skyrim, Mirror's Edge, Fallout (basically Skyrim), and some other similar games' resources to Q3 format. I've made maps out of Skyrim models, which suck due to insanely high poly count on an insanely old engine, but I've also redone a couple of models out of brushes, and made small environments of my own design but using the high resolution textures. I've imported Minecraft worlds to Q3 as well, though obviously only in small chunks.

I'm knowledgeable in these fields of map modding, inter-engine conversion, and some 3D modeling. With all this in mind, I simply need to know if there's any way to export Halo maps to .obj, .ase, .3ds, or any other format that can be opened in a 3D program, such as 3DS Max, Gmax, or Blender. These are easy to bring over to Q3, and considering how old the game is, texture re-alignment should be pretty easy as well, for the most part. I would probably rebuild everything manually out of brushes anyway.

If there are any programs out there that I could not find, please let me know. This is my first foray into such a radically different engine, I would like to see this project through to its end. And new maps are always welcome in Q3, though for legal reasons I might not put them in public space (I've gotten in trouble before, for something a lot simpler).

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