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Yes did link it to a frame node, it wouldn't let me export without doing it. However, I am just using boxes. Thanks for your tutorial, I couldn't find one anywhere! Thanks for your help!

Quote: --- Original message by: sparky

Get the Halo 3DS Max Scripts.zip file from here: http://files.galaxyverge.com/hcahsk/

Use the JMS Exporter 1.0.4e script to export your model as a ____.jms file into your directory within the data folder. Somewhere in your custom subdirectory in the data folder, make two folders: one called "models" and one called "physics", and place in each of them the respective models in .jms format. The "physics" folder is where you put the physical model, and the "model" folder is where you put the visual model. They should both match in nodes (like the "frame" node); you can delete the markers from the collision model (I think, it's been a while). There are special names for nodes and certain markers, but markers are generally more customizable. Use the GBXModelImporter script in the above link download in order to import models and see examples of how they look.

Same goes for animations; use CADAnimationExporter and learn about the different animation names, and make an "animations" folder in your data folder's subdirectory.

Edited by sparky on Mar 5, 2015 at 09:49 PM

Yeah I've done this already, have the model and physics folder and the jms files exported correctly. My problem is that in the next step, when I use tool from the halo editing kit and run the collision geometry command, that's where my problem is. Thanks for your reply!

I thought Halo JMS format though. I could be wrong, because the tutorial vids are rather old. And whats this degub.txt? can I download it?
Thanks for the reply!

Hi there! I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section or did anything wrong, noob here!

Okay, so I'm trying to make a flying vehicle in Halo CE.So I'm trying to make the collision geometry using tool, but I run into ###ERROR failed to create intermediate model.

I have made the model and the physics model using 3ds max, and I think they all exported okay, but still run into this :/
I have the boxes for the collision model seperated too, so I don't think that's the problem. I think everything is okay 3ds max wise.

This might be my problem, that I have used two tags instead of one to make my model. Can I do that?

Plz reply any help appreciated thanks! :3

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