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It's exactly what the title says: all of the tags in the CMT Evolved Core tagset, but with all Open Sauce dependency gone, and I optimized them for size. Now you don't need OS to use TSC:E tags!

Since you can only have two grenade types without OS, I replaced the regular grenade HUDs with the H1 Spirit version, that only has Frag and Plasma grenades. The old, 4 grenade version is still there, if you want to use it for some reason. I also removed all normal map bitmaps from the tagset, since they can't be used without OS anyway. That saves a lot of size for the download.

I also made all units use their full animation sets, since the non-full versions seem to be really cut down, in a way specific to TSC:E... they take out some important things, like Banshee animations. Unfortunately, the full versions all had more Unit animations than normal tool.exe allows, so I had to cut some. I took out Ball Shade Gunner animations, since the Ball Shade doesn't work without OS scripts. I also had to take out some dropship seats, since the new Phantom seats were added alongside the old Spirit seats. If you really need all those slots though... you should probably just make a second dropship!

Oh, and I just went ahead and threw in the fixed tags in their actual folders. So, you don't need to do anything but copy and paste the tags folder onto your tags folder. I even threw in fixed Spirit and Pelican physics, in case you're working from the broken HEK+ campaign tagset. (You still need to get the vanilla campaign tags on your own. That's way too many for me to include, but you can find them really easy.)

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Here's a link: https://www.mediafire.com/?5iz7tc3smb6gc6q

Be careful, I included the campaign globals as tags/globals/globals.globals! Without OS, you have to replace this vanilla tag to get the right globals. Make sure you back up your current globals tag first, before replacing! There's also a globals_mp.globals tag for multiplayer. Rename the included globals to "globals_sp.globals", and the globals_mp version to just "globals.globals", whenever you're building a multiplayer map.

Enjoy! I hope we can start to get more maps using these tags now. Please post in here if you run into errors, in case I missed anything. Don't come to me if you're just running over tool.exe limits, though... there's no way you can use all the tags in here at once, without hitting some kind of limit.

Proof: the tags in b40.map, running without OS!


Halo CE General Discussion » TSC Evolved tags in .maps - WIPs and Releases May 28, 2015 05:52 PM (Total replies: 15)

The spawns are the same as old Snow grove, I didn't change any of them. If its so bad though can you give me an idea of how to change it? Some bad points to move or something? I'm not a MP mapping genius, that's why I'm focusing on porting the tags instead of making new maps or something.

The TSC Evolved manual said the Plasma rifle is the best all-puprose weapon, so that's why I made it the default. Should I make it the AR instead? I don't want to do BRs since then nobody uses anything else, unless its a power weapon.

Also I watched the video and you're using the Carbine up close, its meant to be a long range weapon. Why is the autofire so bad anyway? I'm not saying you're wrong I just don't want to start messing with balance, unless I have to, since I assume it's that way in TSCE for a reason. I thought it was fun to use in TSCE but maybe its not so good in MP

Halo CE General Discussion » TSC Evolved tags in .maps - WIPs and Releases May 27, 2015 06:11 PM (Total replies: 15)

Hi, I posted in the Gallery thread a few days ago, again I've been posting here a while but I left for a month or two. I want to start fresh with everyone since I'm not proud of who I was before, so I have a new account. And I forgot my password :P

Anyway I'm optimizing TSC Evolved tags to put in .maps, so everyone can play... and I already have my first release! Snow Grove Evolved. Pictures:

Its MPv2 Snow Grove but with Evolved tags, and redone lighting to look like the SPv3 Truth and Reconciliation demo. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fndb3gisvbqv9fd/snow_grove_evolved.zip

It would be be great if someone could host a game soon so I can test it, to make sure there's nothing I missed. I can't host because my connection is really bad for hosting, sorry. Remember its a .map, so you don't need Open Sauce to play! I don't want to submit to Halomaps until I know there are no crashes or anything.

I'm going to be porting Evolved tags to more .maps, maybe even campaign maps. If there are any requests feel free to ask, I know not everyone can get OS working and so they may not have got to try the TSC Evolved stuff yet.

Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] May 25, 2015 05:21 PM (Total replies: 11491)

No DLM's, I want this to be a .map that anyone can play. I had to cut down a lot of textures's resolutions to fit under the map size limit, there's no way I could fit DLM's in. It's at 127.62 megabytes already, I can only go up to 128. And even if I could fit them, I wouldn't know how to do them anyway.

I don't know how to do any BSP work, so I can't really do anything to the structures, sorry. I did replace all the rocks scenery with the SPv3 Truth and Reconciliation rocks though. The TSC Evolved tags also look really good even without OS.

Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] May 25, 2015 04:57 PM (Total replies: 11491)

I stopped posting here awhile ago, but I came back because I was checking out the CMT Evolved tags release. I don't want to say who I was before because its kind of embarrasing, I said a lot of things I regret. But that's all in the past now, I just want to make cool maps, with cool tags.

So I put the TSC Evolved tags in Snow grove, because I love how balanced they are and I think they could be really fun in MP. I know there are already a million Snow grove varients uploaded... so I redid all the lighting to make it look like the SPv3 Truth and Reconciliation demo!

Before (old and washed out): http://i.imgur.com/mjp4m1m.jpg
After (new and improved): http://i.imgur.com/b8fpkUg.jpg
Before (where am I?): http://i.imgur.com/dUKD3VB.jpg
After (like Christmas): http://i.imgur.com/MbZoeM5.jpg

Pretty cool, right? But wait, there's more: I also got it working as a .map file!! So now everyone can enjoy ^^

I dont know when I'll release, I still have to tweek the lighting some more so its not too dark in a few places. And my internet conecction sux so I can't host a beta or anything. But everything's going great, it shouldn't take more than a couple more days.

Also since I got Snow grove working, I can probably port the fixed tags to any other Halo CE MP map really fast, if anybody's interested in .map files with TSC Evolved tags. Maybe I'll do campaign maps next :P I don't know anything about making my own BSP's so that's all I can do.

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