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Quote: --- Original message by: beaucephal
Go to the Nvidia control panel and check the game's settings in there. It may well be because HCE is such an old game that Nvidia Optimus is making it default to your integrated graphics chip and not your GeForce card, and as we all know, integrated graphics chips are almost guaranteed to be complete junk.

Yes! That was the problem, and I fixed it using the NVIDIA Control Panel. You're right, the computer determines whether to do the Geforce card or the integrated chip, and I had to select the Geforce card.

THANK YOU so much for the solution and the quick response!

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately I already updated it. This is a new laptop by the way, it has never worked before for me.


I got a Windows 10 HP Envy laptop (Geforce 940M). I tried Halo Custom Edition, even on its lowest video settings (turning particles off, lowest resolution, etc) and there is distorted graphics. It's like a big, long black line when I play.

When I try the regular Halo Combat Evolved PC game, everything works fine, whether that be on lowest video settings, or the highest.

Here is a picture of the distorted graphics on Halo: Custom Edition. I am a new user, so I can't post a picture until I'm an older member.
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