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.......This took too long to write so when I hit post the website already logged me out here's a simplified version because argh

Been messing around with 3DS Max, tried to load up Halo 3 map shrine.map, tried to google a lot of things but am having trouble finding answers.

1. How would one fix the non-textured white spots?

2. Is the sand supposed to look like that? It's all patchy and not much like in game?

3. How do shaders work, and do I need to put in shaders/lights (??? could be using this term very incorrectly) in order to make the map not so dark/look more like in game? If so, are there any tutorials you would recommend and/or keywords to use for google?

4. What does "Import Normals" and "Unwrap UVW" do?

5. Was thinking that maybe it'd be a lot easier to just animate in 3DS Max directly instead of porting to SFM, I found the masterchief model (in render_model) but I haven't tried to extract that yet. Are there any recommended tutorials for rigging Halo models or would trying to rig it via the CAT thing that 3DS Max has work?

Lots of things probably going over my head right now (feeling a bit overwhelmed tbh haha), but I'm determined to learn this stuff. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Quote: --- Original message by: SupaTrolol
here is the great library of XboxDB.

To login to the FTP, use publicftp as the username and password as the password.

Grab any and all maps you want. Some of them use internal names, so you'll have to find a list of what maps they really are. (Or you could ask me, I've got an extensive Google Fu skillset)

Hope you can get what you need.

Oh awesome, thanks a ton!

I'm curious, what does MCC stand for and why do they use a different version for Halo Online? And if I'm understanding correctly, custom maps that you can make in the forge also count as Halo Online maps (maybe)?

Okay gotcha, extract as AMF. I took a look at some of those videos for using Adjutant, will try it out and report back if I'm having any issues.

Thanks again for the help!

Oh, you can just download them? Hm...if possible could you give me some hints as to what keywords to use in google? Because I've searched for probably six hours and I haven't been able to find any (maybe I'm just bad at google) haha..

Yeah...I guess I kind of don't know what I'm doing. I thought I understood it sort of but guess not whoops. So uh, what's the difference between Halo Online maps and Halo...normal maps?

To be honest, I have no idea where to start learning; from what I read around, to start off with you need to get the Halo 3 iso/.xex, which you can only get from physically modifying an xbox360 so that you can extract that (?). And then you can use Adjutant on the .xex to open up the files to export to 3DS Max (?).

But that's good to know that it is possible to port into SFM...I'll take a look at Facepunch then. I guess the biggest hurdle right now is, if the .maps in eldorado aren't actually ...maps (??) then I have no maps to try to work with (???).

I may or may not be understanding this completely wrong haha...oh boy.

Thanks, I kind of want to do a larger fight scene, which is why I've been trying to get some Halo maps in SFM. TF2 maps look too cartoony at times, or else I'd just use those.

Quote: --- Original message by: altis94
Adjutant doesn't work with ED. It works with xbox360 halo games only.

Oh. So, if I don't have an xbox 360 then I'm just out of luck then? Or can I buy the xbox360 games and pop them into the computer to get the iso (?) to get the maps/models?

Hi all, I'm a novice animator who would like to use some of the Halo maps and props for animating. Here are some things I've animated so far.

I would especially like to use the Halo maps, but have been currently unsuccessful in getting a hold of them. I've downloaded eldorado purely for the maps but an error, "Error loading mapname.map! File is invalid, unsupported, or in use." pops up when I try to open any of their .map files in the "maps" directory. I've downloaded the latest Adjutant, if that helps.

Also, somewhat related but is it possible to export Halo maps into SFM? Google hasn't been too much help with that, but I get the feeling it hasn't been done yet because it's not possible (?). The next best thing if I can't use the maps is to be able to use Halo assets such as walls, buildings, trees, etc, but I am having a bit of trouble finding where those are located in the eldorado files.

Any help would be appreciated!
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